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Webmaster’s patience

I guess that each pseudo-photographer’s boyfriend gain sanctity points each time they go out for “taking pictures sessions”.

In my case these sessions happen each time we go out since there is often something beautiful enough to make me pull out my camera 🙂

In this case you can see the webmaster patiently standing in a point after I yelled “Do not move!”

I couldn’t help, he happened to be exactly where I needed him to be for the picture I had seen. I wonder if I had to yell even “turn right”…

The lovely thing is that he didn’t even ask “why?”, he just patiently waited for the yell “ok, thanks a lot!”

I guess that day (sept 1st 2012) the webmaster gained several sanctity points 🙂

[Why yelling? there were several meters separating us and people generally can’t hear me speaking even if they are 50cm away from me]

Posted January 3rd, 2013.

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Pozzillo lake and “the dead time”

During the “dead time” lapse running between the moment I dropped my physics paper and the moment I had to go to lunch, I have decided to create this new HDR picture taken at the Pozzillo Lake.

Again 5 pictures merged to get just one picture

I am happy because this is one of those lucky situation were there is no way I can be tempted to crop the image to the 2:3 printable format, or screensaver format…it is in its original 4:3 format.
I do love it.

Posted October 12th, 2012.

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Useful mistakes

 Not that you have to look for making mistakes. It’s really a good idea to avoid them when possible, but… they can help in many ways

You can learn that it can be a bad idea trying to make an HDR from 5 pictures taken with no tripod in a windy place

You can learn that way more people then you think hate or dislike HDR

Or you can, thanks to a mistake, start considering that you can USE that bad idea properly to get a different result that otherwise, without that mistake, you wouldn’t be looking for.

You can also learn that what looks false is not necessarily false, it can be… well… too much real?
Ok, this last sentence makes no sense. Sorry.

Another way mistakes can be helpful: a mistake can allow you to post something on a day that you have too much to do and no great inspiration

I know, it’s not a duty to post something daily and it would be better if I don’t post at all

but, I can’t help I am enjoying keeping this blog alive for a few months more, even if it resembles more a collection of “solitary rambling speech”

Who knows, someone might smile for an extra second in his/her day thanks to this post…

And… well.. I have to say “sorry” to the world for the yesterday long post.


Lago (lake) di Pozzillo – 1st September 2012


Posted October 5th, 2012.

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The lake that can look like a river

The picture was taken on Sept 1st 2012… I have taken several pictures that day but I can’t no longer dedicate whole afternoons to those so I will post them not following a chronological order…  I will also alternate these with other pictures taken meanwhile that would made no sense posted after weeks.

Actually I should say “the pictures were taken on…”

As you can see it’s an HDR picture, or at least, the result of the attempt to make an HDR picture.

In this situation I have taken 3 pictures at different light levels and then merged them “properly”

I love this picture enough to make a “cover” of it for because it reminds me of how easy is to alter the way we perceive reality

My parents, who were right there when i took these pictures, barely recognized the place… even if I didn’t change shapes or added or removed elements from the shot.

I have just chosen a point of view where the lake looked like a river.
No, it isn’t even the river that collects its water in the lake (in this case artificial too), it’s just a place on the lake coast where two branches of the land are close.

The colors are different from what you could see there because of the HDR and how I have managed the “tonemapping”.

I had already saw all this there, most of it at least. I knew what I could have make and therefore I have prepared my box of photons to play with at home by just choosing the point of view and the exposures

I don’t have super power, it’s not even a master shot… I just like to play with “imagination”.

As when I am at the sea, go in a place where water is deep enough and “thanks to” Archimede I try to move some steps underwater pretending I’m in another dimension with zero gravity.
It last only few seconds (of course) but it’s rather funny if you do it in a safe way

With my camera I do the same, i start from reality, from what I know of what it can be done and get something that just look different but it keeps speaking of reality.

It’s what I try to do when I don’t want to “just” show

Posted October 2nd, 2012.

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Lago di Pozzillo

The cover

later I’ll post the whole picture.

Posted October 1st, 2012.

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The need of seeking more

Seeking Beauty,

seeking Truth,

seeking peace,

seeking love,

seeking the good shining in the world.

I kept repeating in all the languages I know to all the people I meet that it’s what I mainly try to do.

I don’t feel special or smart at doing so, all these activities comes from a need.

I’m pretty sure that there is such a need in every single person in the world

It’s need to fill that gap between where you are actually are and Where you would love to be

Sometimes this gap is cause of *panic* for me and here comes the main activity: seeking beauty

Looking for something that calms me down and reminds me that

“there is still Beatuy, there is still hope”.

And where I can’t go to those places where it’s easier for me to find it, pictures help.

No wonder that my desktop, in these days, is the image of this strange angle of Sicily I visited with family on Sept 1st

I do need something that kills the fear and that reminds me of where is the real beauty

Posted September 27th, 2012.

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The moment

At Lago(lake) di Pozzillo…

Posted September 7th, 2012.

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