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Where is her white winter coat?

Cute afternoon spent with my father going for a short beauty hunting session

Etna - 21st January 2016

It looked like she was saying “I’m beautiful and I know it, but winter forgot how to winter! Where is my white winter coat?!”

Posted February 21st, 2016.

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It’s a folly

They are all right.
It’s crazy.
It’s stupid.
Yet I find intriguing that they ignore the really freaking shade:
all the pro-reasons I can think of, can be cons-reasons as well.
This is what can lead to real folly.

Looks like it’s again one of those “moments” when I can only hang on what, so far, never vanished.

Tiny pale memorandum - Etna January 2016

No, sorry.
It’s not the most beautiful volcano in the universe.
This is just a tiny and pale memorandum.

Posted February 18th, 2016.

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Last from trip up on mt Etna

NKT_0196-8tmSITE - 14th March 2015

The little sunset show on Mt Etna (at around 1700 meters above sea level) of 14th March 2015.

It’s an HDR picture. I have to say it, even if I generally try not to oversaturate or push too much the effect.
Probably in this specific case it’s more a HDR-test picture since I have never taken pictures in similar situations before that day.

Why trying HDR on snow at sunset?
My goal is to get as close as possible to what I saw and sometimes,
especially when there is a huge difference of darks and lights,
eyes can see more than what can be recorded in a single shot.
At least, that’s what I experienced so far.

Am I saying that what I saw looked exactly that way?

No, especially some snow areas are not, I think I can guess what caused this anomaly, will try to fix another day.
Yet, for this frame or reality an HDR seemed to tell in a better way the Beauty I saw
At the end, I am not taking pictures to report a crime but to remember the wonder of that moment.

Why last shot?
I have too much to do to publish so I will keep editing in random moments while trying to achieve other life goals.
Yes,  during the little free time I have in the coming weeks/month I prefer taking new pictures or complete a picture editing work for a friend instead of posting most of the “old” ones.

Max 2-3 shots per trip goes online the rest can wait to be shared.

Posted March 23rd, 2015.

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A fresh postcard from Sicily

At 1700 meters above sea level - 14th March 2015

It’s true,  for the last years I shared mainly picture of sea, of warm situations even in mid winter

This year I started sharing pictures of areas with “thick snow” (stealing a friend’s expression)

Well…what can I say?
It’s part of the magic of Mt. Etna.

It always snow “up there” in winter time and this year snow is lasting in places even weak and too busy people (like me) can reach.

In the next weeks I might keep sharing some of the beauty I saw up there last saturday.

If things keep going this way, looks like this is one of those year that those who go the sea in June will enjoy warm sea day while upper mt Etna is still under snow.

Posted March 18th, 2015.

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“Just” a tree in summer time

Tree Etna 10th August 2014

I just thought I might type something nice

some of those easy thought that comes up to your mind when you see a nice show and it is free.

Unfortunately I realised that this picture was taken in summer time

I realised I wish I were able to see with my own eyes how this tree looks like, today.

“It should be all surrounded and covered by snow
Do I need some special shoes to go there?
Snow rackets or maybe snow mostly melted in the last two days?
It doesn’t matter,
it is probably impossible to go there, for me, this year”

All the good intention of a silly thought vanished, smashed by reality

No problema.

It’s is still something nice to share.

Well… for now.

Posted February 12th, 2015.

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Lonely tree

Tree on Mt Etna -  10th August 2014

Editing picture of the August vacation of my friend from Tuscany,
I know, I’m super late but he knew that I was going to be super busy.

In the picture you can see a tree on the path we walked along on mt Etna.

Most of the pictures I’ve been editing in the last weeks are mainly pictures of friends who prefer not to appear online, therefore I have little to share.

Yet the shots that just tell about the beauty we saw might be shared,
if I want and well… until plan of super big changes for this site stay in the just-an-idea-dimension

Posted January 31st, 2015.

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Visual cocktail

Etna, clouds, sunset.

Visual Cocktail - 16th Jan 2015

Shake well and…


I did.

Posted January 17th, 2015.

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The giant pink cupcake

Ok maybe that’s silly. Not maybe. It is.
In the last 3 days we tried (me and The Webmaster) to catch “giant pink cupcake” version of mt. Etna
Day 1. I was a little late and there was a giant cloud on the west that stole the sunset light to mt Etna
Day 2. I was not that late but Mt Etna smoke was thrown westward by wind, and well, see Day 1 situation.
Day 3. I was in time, there were no clouds but a lot of snow was already melted so not exactly the pink cupcake effect I was looking for

Etna at sunset - 3rd January 2014

Yet I guess I can be content

Posted January 3rd, 2015.

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Starting the year in style?

Etna 1st January 2015 - seen from Catania

Mt. Etna knows how to!


Posted January 1st, 2015.

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Fireworks in Mordor

Etna-Mordor Fireworks - June 2014

Nah, just a Mt. Etna picture taken in June 2014.

I just love how all of my friends who saw it said “it looks like Mt. Doom in Mordor”

Happy New Year’s Eve and have an amazing New Year


Posted December 31st, 2014.

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Seeking beauty of inclined “planes”

Or better, seeking another shade of beauty of inclined planes

Seeking beauty of inclined planes - 16th November 2014

Sorry I couldn’t help it

It is funny to use The Webmaster’s comment to this picture

because he, as every good scientist, can’t help but state the obvious in front of a picture.

This time he saw inclined planes and commented saying : “Oh inclined planes!”

I wonder if it’s scientist way to say “it’s so so picture” but they yet put genuine enthusiasm in say “a cat!” in front of a cat picture, so I am not sure

Anyway, definitely it was amazing  to “study” this game of non vertical lines while having lunch.
I loved how each plane told a different story related to different latitude and different Etna slices histories.

I can see something more ahead, like I might start taking a set of pictures that “explore the beauty”of inclined planes of nature

I know, no one needs those pictures, but as most of the pictures on this website, I take them for keeping my soul awake, and who knows, occasionally share beauty with internet passerby

Posted December 3rd, 2014.

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