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The giant centipede


In the wood I can’t see mt Etna or the sea

I can’t what usually comfort me in the little forest of building I call “my hometown area”

Despite the path I got often the unpleasant feeling to have lost awareness of where I was or where I was ahead to

but definitely, during that little trip in the wood, I discovered an amazing world where imagination can fly in a completely different way

and once again I found myself asking:

“Had I just step into a fantasy tale?”

Posted November 24th, 2014.

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Experiments in the wood

Experiments in the wood - 26th October 2014


almost totally new setting for me.

Still have to figure out how to behave,

I am not unhappy with results but I see there are a lot of new things to grasp

Poor whoever is around who will be carried to this (or similar) woods for pictures taking

So far the unfortunate friends/relatives and, of course, The Webmaster seemed to have enjoyed trip for beauty “hunting”

Lucky me!


Posted November 11th, 2014.

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Having a break

Lunch location - 26th October 2014

I had to keep my main computer off due to super bad weather in Sicily

Finally today I had time to use it for a few minutes so let’s check the “archive”  and what I find: my lunch location of 2 weeks ago

One of the new “favorite” point on mt Etna I discovered in the last weeks

Posted November 9th, 2014.

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The little tree

The "little" tree - 26th October 2014

It was not that small but close to giants everyone looks small

Posted October 31st, 2014.

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The wrong way

along the wrong way - 26th October 2014

We were late and trying to leave the wood before it was totally dark

I took this picture but few minutes later we realised that we had been walking for 5-10 minutes along on the wrong path

Panic! Fear last for second but really, it had been an unpleasant feeling so confused about which is the path to get back to our cars, i knew direction but I couldn’t find the path

Ok, I was not alone, but walking in a wood when sun is gone is not a pleasant experience, it was getting a little too cold as well

Anyway, soon later we found the way back to our car and all was fine

Choosing the wrong path wasn’t a totally bad decision,
I mean, it’s thanks to the wrong decision that I found myself in the spot from where I took the above picture

but well, maybe next time giving up a picture chance and taking a wiser decision about “which is the path to follow” might be a nicer thing to do


Posted October 30th, 2014.

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