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Apparently, my favorite (dead) tree

My favorite (dead) tree - 16th November 2014

There are few spots in Monti Sartorius area that I’m considering to “monitor” with the passing of months

This dead tree is in one of those spots


Posted December 1st, 2014.

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A comparison 2/2

Yellow tree - 14th November 2014

… and 2 weeks later I decided that I had to take a picture from (more or less) the same spot

a decision that came out of the blue, so probably the zooming and the angle of view are different

plus, the fog is just the background and not all around as in the 2 weeks older picture (see previous post)

yet I think it’s possible to catch how the tree changed in those two weeks.

(november 2nd – november 16th)

Posted November 26th, 2014.

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A comparison 1/2

Yellow tree - 2nd November 2014

A birch tree surrounded by pine trees

My father said a comment about this unusual match, and I have to admit I loved the color contrast despite fog was already “eating” us

I took the above picture theĀ 2nd November 2014

and 2 weeks later…

Posted November 25th, 2014.

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They looked smaller!

Before sharing pictures with everyone I tend to share a few shots with close friends and family.

In the last days I shared a lot of tree pictures and when, finally, I shared a picture of a tree with nearby a person a friend said “I though those trees were smaller”

It was an awaking comment for me!

Birch wood, Monti Sartorius - 16th November 2014

I do many many mistakes when I take a picture, but the most common is forgettingĀ that sometimes people appreciate being able to understand actual size of what they are looking at.

I generally love the fact that with a picture you can make look giantĀ as little as Ā a flea,Ā and reverse way…but I have to be honest, my first thought when I take picture is rarely “let’s let people understand actual size of what it is in front of me”

Yet, sometimesĀ is good to make a picture talk a bit more and say something about sizes too.

So I guess I have to say an huge thank you to my friend who reminded me about an aspect of reality,
and a thank you to that group of people who was leaving Monti Sartorius area when I was just arrived.

Unless you think they are very small people or very big giants,
this image should offer a sense of the size of a part of theĀ spot on mt Etna I enjoyed during my last two half-a-day-long trips

Posted November 22nd, 2014.

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Back to fall time pictures

Fall time on mt Etna - 16th November 2014

Posting has not been (and won’t be) regular nor logical.

Meanwhile I keep “studying” my approach to colored leaves in cloudy days.

It is one of the (almost) trashed picture

Posted November 21st, 2014.

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Sun and fog

Gold and fog - 2nd November 2014

One of two friends who visited Sicily in August showed me some pictures he took here and some of the last days pictures were with crazy colors

I asked to my friend why he gave that look for shot and he said that he had been confused by sky color…like he thought it was not possible it was so blue.

We laughed about the fact that his “yankee” eyes got confused by sicilian summer sun light.

Few week later we laughed about the fact my “sicilian”Ā eyes had been confused by fog.

He didn’t exactly said “Revenge!” but well, I would not be surprised or angry to find out he thought Ā that

Above I postedĀ one of the “saved” shots, but I had to trash some of the pictures I have taken on november 2nd becauseĀ it took me a few shots to start adapting to a totally new environment for me
(despite I didn’t have to cross an ocean and half Europe to find it)

Maybe we are just a couple of mediocre pseudo-photographers but, beyond the laugh:
I guess all this can be seen as an interesting “proof” of the fact that it’s not the camera that do most of the job.
if your ego can stand it
It’s true, you are free to choose how to tell reality through photography, but tillĀ the point reality allows it.

You can’t find sun in fog dense enough to hide what is few meters away from you.

Yet, you canĀ choose to be extremely free and choose to give up your plans and adapt to reality.
So far it always lead me to discover amazing slice of Beauty.

Posted November 18th, 2014.

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Exploring fall time on mt.Etna

Fallen leaves - 16th November 2014

Considering last posts of recently taken pictures it’s easy to guess thatĀ I’m trying to collect some pictures that shows a shade of fall time season on the most beautiful volcano on the earth
(Please, let a”worthless” little sicilian woman be glad of her land).

This time I do not want to follow the usual path of “use gut to choose what to edit, edit and publish some of the favorite shots”.
I am considering to ponder better what to do with the last too-many shots I have taken today…meanwhile I might post some of the already edited pictures in the archive, we’ll see. Depends on life tasks too. As always.

What’s behind the above picture?
Maybe yellow-orange leaves look all the same in the world, but fallen leaves on lava rocks…well, I thought it was and interestingĀ contrast of colors and shapes.

Posted November 16th, 2014.

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Waiting for more

A taste of fall time on Mt Etna - 2nd November 2014

Another taste of fall time on mt Etna

I know way more captivating beauty could be found but I have to find occasion and being properly awake


meanwhile each time I have 20 free minutes I checkĀ what I have been able to collect so far and I try to figure out what I have to fix to get more

Posted November 12th, 2014.

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The climbing trees

The climbing trees - 2nd November 2014

or I should talk of mini Ents?

Posted November 5th, 2014.

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Challenging fog

Fog challenge/Alternative restaurant - 2nd November 2014

Last Sunday we went for a little trip around Monti Sartorius and Rifugio Citelli area

My plan was to catch the “yellowing” trees

We left our hometown where sun was shining

The closer we got to the our destination

The more the sky was cloudy till

Till the moment we had to slow down for fog

Soon later we had to stop to switch on car fog light

It was new/unusual but yet normal, at the end we were on a mountain

Till the very last moment I hoped that fog went away

We reached our destination, I was a little upset for it was clear I was not going to take the pictures I wanted to take

What to do? Closing eyes? Going back home?

Nah, it’s a challenge and I have never took pictures in the fog in a wood.

We stopped by this half-dead birch tree for lunch.

Fog was moving faster than I could image,

the view changed continuously during the lunch break (and later as well)

Yes, I guess this is going to be one of my favorite “restaurants”

It felt magic.

The fog was challenging my eyes and I amĀ glad I didn’t run away.

Posted November 4th, 2014.

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Scratching beauty

Scratching beauty - 2nd November 2014 (monti sartorius)

I didn’t know it was possible

I had a clue but I didn’t know it was possible to consider beautiful
and (unusually) elegant a dead, or looking dead, tree

Maybe is the fog,

something rare to find in Ā my hometown

Ā something easy to find on mt Etna

or maybe it was my mood too,

I do not know.

All I know that what I saw yesterday was
sad, disturbing andĀ amazing all at the same time

Maybe I can call it “scratching beauty”

I just hope it’s not a “memento mori” message


Posted November 3rd, 2014.

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