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Where are the stairs?

Hole, tree in the cave - 18th October 2014 (grotta dei ladroni)

Look, there is light up there!

Do not waste time!

Look! There is a tree growing in the rock and the top of it is outside catching the light!

So what?

Have you ever seen a tree like that?

I don’t see why I should care of trees

Do you think there is a way to go up there?

Don’t be an idiot! Colors, light, beauty, they are NOT real!

But I can see all these 

Go ahead walking in the cave

But it’s so dark in the cave, can’t you see?
Going ahead for what reason?
At the end of the cave there is an exit to go up there in the light?

No exit, just the cave, your world is this accept it, do not be a fool!

I doubt, I’ll keep looking for stairs to go up there, you stay here in darkness if you pleased

You are a loser!
You are nut!


Stairs in cava - 18th October 2014 (grotta dei ladroni)

Posted November 1st, 2014.

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Or maybe…

A day had been super light

the following super dark

A thought,
like a yelling angry voice,
crossed my mind:
“see? this it the proof you are fooled,
first amazing moments
and then drama,
more than one drama,
all in a day,
dramas bigger than you
one of those will destroy you
You are being fooled and you are fooling yourself”

Then I saw the last picture I shared with friends

Sunset from Rifugio Citelli - 18th October 2014

and a thought,
like a whispering calm voice,
crossed my mind:
“Or maybe it proves exactly the opposite
you are just being invited to never forget about light”

Posted October 25th, 2014.

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