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Getting closer to rain drops

I love rain drops,

it’s like discovering new little hidden worlds,

or better, little subsets of our world

Pomelia and rain drops - 17th July 2014

Just a short technical note:
I guess my new compact camera macro function is worth the money I spent for the camera.

Yet, I’m a little annoyed I cannot decide shutter speed and aperture, especially in macro mode, but well post editing helps with fixing lights a little.

Posted July 17th, 2014.

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Weather is crazy.

Rain clouds and sun seem dancing on the notes of an endless music

They are alternating each other more than once in a few hours

Somehow mood is following this restless rhythm

Camera is turned off and I’ve no idea if I’ll ever turn it on again in the next weeks, maybe even months

If camera will kept off for this long I fear I can say “darkness is winning” or worse “darkness won”.

I’m trying to organise a taking picture day but I might fail…no time, even less energies

I’ve some pictures taken about 2 weeks ago that might be posted but little will to take care of them too

So, even if I know well that the thought”I’ll turn off blog” often triggers an avalanche of new pictures

I might quit activity for a while

Willy Bit?

I have a few of shots already baked and almost ready to be published but we’ll see.
Definitely not before the end of April.


It’s time to drop a (hopefully not) last slice of Beauty I found

Rain drops on rose and rose bud - 5th April 2014 (pseudo-HDR)

Have a peaceful Easter

Posted April 17th, 2014.

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Winter cry?

When wind blows strong in late march, some times I imagine a  grim-faced winter that is whining for the mess Spring is about to start.

Or maybe helping Spring to start

After the wind we have a few days of warm, in these days everyone is tempted to think “spring is definitely here”

And it’s then that comes a last period of cold (relative cold)
and here comes rains and since days are longer I can take pictures to rain drops

Last week end I have taken more pictures than expected

Week had been awful to the point I had barely energies to eat and study.

It changed my approach to those pictures that no, somehow, looks like a cry

Rain drops on flower - 6th April 2014

Maybe I waste time taking such useless pictures


Posted April 11th, 2014.

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Water drops

May 2010

Posted February 5th, 2011.

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