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New Street Lights

They are changing street lights, apparently they are putting led lights.

The light they are placing now is nice because

– it’s oriented only toward the street and this is good because it reduce the light pollution (amazing for astronomers like my dad)

– it’s blue and I like blue lights

It’s a little disturbing because

– a consequence of the 1st point is that now, buildings around, are more or less an inform grey mass, this means no more light filtering through window (something I loved)

– the blue lights are less warm (even if technically blue is a color at higher frequency therefore it’s “hotter” than yellow) and I have to get used to them to fall asleep

I will survive, I know but … so far I found difficult to find a way to play with them (the picture above was taken using the the old light)

Posted July 31st, 2012.

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Leolen the little monster

In the last days I have been a little busy setting up the brand new laptop.
A convertible tablet pc that can been defined as an expensive laptop even if it isn’t, of course, THE most expensive laptop you can buy.

I won’t waste your and my time talking about why I bought this, it’s just
– great
– useful for both fun and study

I have promised pictures to friends but I hadn’t much time to take pictures and post them the way I want.
I have also promised to another friend of mine, who since 2007 run a blog in Italian about this kind of products , to take some pictures,video and write down a review in Italian about this new precious “toy”.

I still have to complete taking pictures and figure out what I should write down to make a useful review… but… that’s my blog so just start telling how all the story started… but let’s do it tomorrow because it’s very late here in Italy and I have a bunch of things to do left for today.

Just look at the little monster on his first day on the swing on the balcony.

Posted May 21st, 2012.


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