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Past and Acronyms

In a few days will be 16 years since I started interacting with people using a computer.
This is a little shocking note and I could write a long post if with my mind I jump back to the “mIRC” era.

Why this crazy note? Because I just realised that even if I have been exposed to acronyms (mostly in a language that is NOT my native language) since I was 11,
I still have troubles to figure out some of the “new” acronyms running through the web.

“Recently” I have noticed that people on the web post things, mainly photos, tagging the post with “TBT”.
I was too lazy to check but when I saw that a friend of mine playing the TBT game (can it be defined as a game?) was, every Thursday, posting an old picture, I realised what that TBT might have meant.

I am still curious to understand why people decided to show old things on Thursday but well, next time I have nothing to do I’ll check on web possible explanations.

In short,

It’s Thursday
means it’s web day for “throwing back” old things…shots included.

Tomorrow starts the NYE
(acronym for New York Encounter)
2 years in web terms is a lot so here you get one shot

NYE 2013 - final show
that fits the TBT “tradition” and tells about the NYE (actually it tells of the final show, but music is part of the Encounter).

Well, I confess, I was tempted to just post a picture I found recently, taken at the NYE but never shared with the web.
I can’t remember to have taken it,
I guess it’s one of my let’s-see-if-camera-works-fine-with-this-setting shotNYE2013 - last evening

I also wanted to write a whole post using just the first letter of each word,
but then I thought none would understand what I mean to say.

Seriously, whoever can be in NYC for the next 3 days might want to consider to check what happens at the NYE.

Posted January 15th, 2015.

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NYC Jan 2013: Staten Island Station

(if I’m not wrong)

NYC Jan 2013: Staten Island Station
I already know some friends reaction that would be something like: Do you still have NYC pictures to publish?
Sure, even some unedited pictures too.

I wonder if I should force myself to the 10 pictures limit.
Well, ok, 100.
I might be forced to rise quality this way.
Or maybe not.
No, maybe this is not a good idea.

I’ll keep my “let’s do your best and full stop”.

Today has been a crappy day.
Leg and head pain and the say goodbye to the webmaster moment…
I decided I had to work on picture taken on Sunday at the Forre Laviche del Simeto, where my camera displayed the warning message of “it’s too hot to work”.
At recalling my camera complaint i thought it would have made sense publishing a picture taken in NYC, a picture showing people in winter clothes.

It’s logical!

and it’s getting cold too quickly

Posted October 4th, 2013.

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NYC Jan2013: People in transit

NYC Jan2013:People in transit
These days are again days of attempt to clean up everything in my room, computer and studies

So I had a little time to go ahead  with my work on NYC pictures, even if it’s not over yet.

Today i wanted to post the above picture but I didn’t know what to write so I asked to the webmaster if he has any idea

His answer:
“Staten Island ferry station: people in transit”

How I love physicists and mathematicians: ask them to comment something, they go straight to the definition of that thing.
No useless words or concept, no extra data that allow misunderstanding


Posted August 13th, 2013.

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NYC Jan 2013: Mallard

NYC Jan 2013: duck



it’s first sea-day.


Posted July 29th, 2013.

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NYC Jan 2013: shades of gray

NYC Jan2013: shades of gray

Sorry, I couldn’t resist, but I already explained what people told me about NYC colors and what I found instead

Being slightly more serious, would be nice to find out the stories of those buildings.
Especially of the building on the left with the yellow parts… I also wonder how people in the city reacted to that.

Posted June 28th, 2013.

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NYC Jan2013: cliché a go-go

So what?

Sometimes even pseudo-photographers like me want to take picture as any other tourist would…

most of them just won’t admit it!


NYC 18th Jan 2013

Few notes about the picture

First day, ever, for me and the webmaster in Manhattan… the wall you can see in the reflection will be subject of a next post.

The picture was taken few hours before the NYE opening evening, during that hour and something of random, unexpected, tour around the area close to the Manhattan Center

I guess we were lucky the sky was super clean and super blue, unaware it meant super cold but who cares? I am sure both me and the webmaster would repeat the experience.

Well, he tends to say “sure I’d love to go back there but, what about a warmer period of the year?”.

I guess he is right

Posted June 5th, 2013.

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Good friends and relatives

Good friends (or boyfriend) and relatives tell you when you are doing something wrong or when you are abusing of their patience

So, they often tell me that I change profile pictures and covers too quickly

(forgetting that my website is thought to change header at every refresh-change of page)

Therefore,  I thought that after a week it was time to change it again.

T-rex paw.



Or maybe not.

Posted June 1st, 2013.

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NYC Jan 2013: the old joke

NYC Jan2013: the old joke

One of the things I thought during my first walk through Manhattan streets was an old joke told in my family.

It’s not sure if the one who used to tell the joke was my grandpa (a lawyer but definitely not a boring one) or his father in law (my great grandpa, the only one from north Italy, who was a professional photographer)…

The joke was about a guy who was starring at the skyscrapers and when asked what he was doing, he answered he was waiting for the buildings to activate. Activate what?. The motion to scratch the sky.

Well…actually some skyscrapers seemed placed there to comfort itchy skies.

And of course I wondered if grandpa or great grandpa or both laughed out loud when I took this picture thinking about all this.

It was amusing to think of them even if no one of the two has ever seen a skyscraper in his life (for what I know)

Posted May 12th, 2013.

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A good reason to stop taking pictures?

NYC Jan 2013: ice on wood

Noticed, after more than 3 months, that there was ice (or something that really looks like ice) on a tree branch on Hudson river shore… (bottom left corner)
At least, I can’t remember I noticed that ice when I was there
I mean, if I had noticed it I’d have placed that piece of wood and ice as main subjects of the picture.

It might be silly but in Catania I can have water, buildings (even if smaller) and sunset, but no ice in the same scenario (at sea level)

Now I wonder what I have to do:

1. Take more pictures to improve. Most likely, but…

2. Considering that I bought my first DSLR 8 years ago (and that it wasn’t my first camera), maybe it’s time for me to quit “wasting” time with taking pictures.

3. Just laugh for my blindness and for the fact that NYC cold weather, in 8 days, changed my concept of cold.

One thing is sure, I’m going to put this image as desktop picture this summer…

Posted April 26th, 2013.


NYE-NYC Jan 2013: look at the Empire

NYC 20th Jan 2013: look at the Empire

The Encounter was just over and I took this picture at the Empire because an usher, an old Afro-American man, with whom I had a short but interesting chat a couple of hours earlier told me “When you leave the Manhattan Center look at the Empire”.

I had already noticed “they light it with different colors” (as the man said) but when leaving that theater for the last time I wanted to take a simple picture just to have something that reminded me of the kindness of this man.

Posted April 25th, 2013.

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NYC Jan 2013: the very first picture

NYC Jan 2013: the very first shot

Forgive me but I wanted to share something that is clearly “not good” but that still has a meaning (at least for me).

I mean, this picture yells that I had never taken before then a picture in a place where buildings have more than 10-15 floors…

but I do love this, at least it’s sincere

(despite it is a little edited,
I have a bit dignity to protect

Posted April 20th, 2013.

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