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Willy Bit snow and lava rocks

Willy Bit exploring Mt Etna snow - 14th March 2015

Willy Bit: “We are one week away from spring and there is a lot of snow all around here!”

Lady: “Well I guess it’s normal here”

Willy: “Yeah but I can’t see much more than these rocks. I guess we are in a cloud of fog, it’s a little disappointing”

Lady:”I guess it  just means we have to come back here soon or later. Yet it’s all so…”

Willy: “…beautiful?”

Lady: “Yes!”

Posted March 14th, 2015.

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23rd: Willy Bit and the mysterious lady hear a noise 2/2

23rd Willy and the mysterious lady hear a sound

Willy: Wow, and who are you?
Lady: Cool! We found a lampadino*!
Willy: A what?
Lady: The black giant told me about them. They are creatures living in these woods, they tend to hide, but sometime, one of them, decides to reach the edge of the wood and might happen that he even decides to follow who he meets
Willy: I see…yes, indeed he is cute… assuming it’s a he….
Lady: I’d love if he is going to join us, what do you think?
Willy: Well…let’s  see…
Lady: c’mon! They are loyal creatures and might be of great help!
Willy: ok, ok! Let’s see what he chooses to do.

*(not real) italian word to mean “little lightbulb”

Posted November 20th, 2014.

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22nd: Willy and the mysterious lady hear a noise 1/2

22nd Willy and the mysterious lady hear a sound

Willy: I tried to guess your name
Lady: I know
Willy: Can I know it then?
Lady: Yes
Willy:I’m listening
Lady: can you hear it too?
Willy: What? You didn’t say your name, are you fooling me?
Lady: No! I mean, did you hear the sound?
Willy: Which sound?!
Lady: From that kind of wood…really, can’t you…
Willy: Gasp! Well, I guess it’s time for another adventure, isn’t it?
Lady: Sure! Let’s go!

Posted October 12th, 2014.

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21st: Willy Bit discovers castle ruins and…

Willy Bit has visited several places, a few days ago he visited (sand) castle ruins
but he soon discovered he was not alone…

21st: Willy Bit visits castle ruins

Willy: Hey, you have been following me since I were in the forest, who are you?
Lady: I’m a forest inhabitant, I heard about your stories and decided to see…
Willy: following me?
Lady: Yes.
Willy: Why me? Why didn’t you choose your path and followed it?
Lady: Well…who knows if this is the wrong path. Have you ever wanted to share what you see with someone?
Willy:Well… yes..but..
Lady: But what?
Willy: Nothing.

Willy: Ok, let’s explore together, but what’s your name?
Lady: Why don’t you guess?

Posted September 6th, 2014.

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20th: Willy and the black giant

20th: Willy and the black giant
Behind the guitarist and the gentle lady there was something, it looked like a black tree.

When Willy touched the “tree” he heard a voice:
“Hey there little fellow! What are you looking for?”
Willy stepped back, raised his head and saw a face, it was at about 8 times Willy’s height
Willy answered: “I was NOT looking for something, I was just curious!”
The dark giant said “Well, if you are curious you are at least looking for answers and knowledge”
Willy replied: “But I have no questions!”
The giant said “Sure!” and laughed.
Then the giant bended over Willy and invited him to get closer.
Willy was a bit scared but accept to stand on giant’s shoulder.

They talked for a long while, the black giant told him about his adventures, about the drink that was in the his glass and about colors.
Willy even heard for the first time in his life about something called “the moon”

Then Willy told to the giant about his past adventures .
The giant stayed silent for a little while then he said  “Yeah, but  little fellow, tell me, who is travelling with you?”
Willy said “I need no one. I am free!”
The giant smiled and said
“Well, we’ll see but I guess that your greatest adventure might be closer than you think”

When Willy asked what that mean the giant smiled and said
“I’m glad you have more questions than you declared to have, but now it’s time for you to go ahead with your travel, you’ll understand”

The giant kindly placed Willy on the ground and before Willy started his walk toward a new adventure the giant added a last advice:

“Explore the past to discover present and future shades.
Trust me”

Posted June 3rd, 2014.

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19th: Willy Bit and the ancient party.

19th: M
It took 11 days

For 11 days Willy Bit had been surfing through a black sea (or was it a sky?).
His only company were those lights he was trying to reach.

Suddenly, after 11 days of silence, he heard something.
“What is that?”
Music and gentle laughter
“It is a party!”

When close to the shore Willy sees a man playing music for a lady.

Only at this sight Willy understands why a guy from the forest gave him a red flower saying
“Let time run its course. Be gentle and keep being curious”

Willy travelled to a place where time runs differently, where a lot of ancient stories are told

It’s time, for Willy, to offer the red flower to the lady.
He says “This flower comes from far away”

Posted May 29th, 2014.

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18th: Willy’s nut-ship

18th: Willy's nutship

A nut-ship, is what forest people use to visit other worlds

Willy’s forest friends gave him a nut-ship as thank-you present for the visit and free help he gave.

Posted May 18th, 2014.

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17th Willy Bit : observing

17th WillyBit : Newborn sunflower and...

Willy Bit has been waiting for a while and now he can, finally, observe the first newborn sunflowers

Willy is so surprised and focused on the newborn that he didn’t notice something what is happening behind….

Posted May 3rd, 2014.

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16th: Willy Bit and the rose

16th: Willy Bit and the rose

Willy Bit finally reached the rose.

The pink dog explained him that the rose is pride of the forest

When the rose is a little bud, it looks orange-red.
When it blooms it is yellow, with the passing of days it turns white
When is about to drop petals, the petals edges turns slightly red.

No one has yet been able to explain why these changes happen, but forest people do love their rose.

Posted April 27th, 2014.

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15th: the seed

15th: the seed (willy bit)

Forest people today have spread seeds of this kind

Willy Bit helped his new friends to complete the task

but now is looking forward to seeing the result

Posted April 14th, 2014.

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14th: Sunday Palm

14th: Palm Sunday (Willy Bit)

On the way to discover the rose Willy saw something

A lot of people walking around with palms and small pieces of olive branch

He has climbed on one of those, to see what was going on

It is something big, but what is it?

What is that weird sad story speaking of how cruel people can be?

Why is this so tightly tied to joy?

Probably these are too big questions for such a small thing…


Posted April 13th, 2014.

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