A new spot

December 15, 2013

Seagulls - 15th Dec 2013

I love when it’s sunny in fall-winter Sundays mornings

Soon after Mass it’s easy to be “tempted” to go out for a walk and discover new spots of your hometown.

I ended up in a kind of open market inside a small port.
I already spoke about this port on this blog but today I noticed a little street that brings in another area of the port.
I thought it was not free access, but instead no one complained I was walking there (and sure you can notice a person walking with a camera+tele-lens)

In that remote area seagulls seemed almost posing for those who were there.

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December 14, 2013

I’m just a rambling pseudo-photographer who hangs on Beauty.

A few years ago a friend defined me as “beauty-seeker”, I guess because he realized that I made of beauty-seeking a reason to go ahead

recently another friend spoke of “beauty-haunting” to refer to when I go out for taking pictures.
I fear he realized that the search had become a little more intense than it was years ago.

I lost the count of the post I wrote about this constant search. I need several 2TB HD to keep safe my pictures

I have just started.
(sorry if it sounds like a threat)

Maybe I’m being a bit too romantic and I am repeating myself but this beauty-seeking is nothing much more than homesickness

More or less everyone feels homesick when away from home…but the biggest homesickness “cry” I heard so far came from people who grew up in Sicily
(I mainly know only Italians)

Another thing a Sicilian badly miss when outside is our fish, the way we cook it and today, while my father was buying that kind of fish, I have decided to use what was in my bag.

Yes, because I have been out only for 1 hour today but I brought my camera bag with me.
I looked silly, big bag for just walking around town…but I knew Mt. Etna is being a little active today. I wanted to catch a moment of its activity.

Of course, I am rarely allowed to catch the beauty I want to show…especially if I dedicate very little time to this search… so by the time I was in front of mt. Etna all turned quiet.

I got no huge activity picture even if the little white smoke on the upper right part of the volcano is it “smoking”

Mt. Etna 14th December 2014

I could stop here, but what made me wrote this post is what I was thinking while taking the above picture(actually pictures, it’s a kind of HDR).

Yeah, looking at that little smoke, at those clouds that seemed hugging the volcano, I ended up thinking about what the webmaster who once told me:

“Do you know what? Sometimes while I am walking, for a moment, I have the impression that from behind a tree or a building mt.Etna is about to show up…but then I realize it is impossible since I am no longer in Catania”
When he said it his tone was truly sad, his expression looked like the one of a little boy who looks for his friend and can’t find him.
He was miles away from home and still seeking for a volcano.
I can assure you, he is super logical guy, not the sentimental kind of man.

Well, while taking this picture I felt, again, that homesickness in front of our Mt. Etna.
I’ve been thinking for months that it was a feeling suggested by the fear that soon might be my turn to leave but…

today my mind went also to what a friend said a few weeks ago.
Probably he was just kidding but he kind of “accused” me to make him homesick of places he has never visited.

That’s how I realized, once again, that our huge volcano and sea are just a “reflex” of that Beauty that shapes souls

It’s not difficult to figure out how homesickness I felt wasn’t a mere nostalgia of my Sicily.

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Not defined by success or failure

November 12, 2013

The nth failure

Not surprising but annoying yet

I have the blessing to know people who dare to love

who dare to say: do your best, but you are not defined by this

So true… but I wish I were able to do more.

I have to keep doing my best, at least to thank for this love

At the moment all I have to offer: the slices of Beauty I see

And why not? Despite all I can still keep fighting to increase Beauty awareness

even if I’m going to contribute with just the equivalent of a drop in the ocean

At the end, if 2 seagulls can be the main characters of a something that made people see this Beauty more easily

2nd November 2013 (Acitrezza (CT), Sicily

Yeah, no one is trash.

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Not every black sheep is considered cool

November 11, 2013

2nd November 2013 (Acitrezza (CT), Sicily

some are just ignored

it doesn’t necessarily mean they are sad and not loved

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Oil painting

November 8, 2013

Catania, 1st November 2013

Shocking how water looks like in this picture

I swear I changed nothing in the original picture, probably a slight change in lights, but the effects in the water was all there.

Now I just wonder if it’s a nice thing of just the consequence of not clean water.

Well, I was in a small port when I took this picture but maybe it’s just nature.
I hope

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In search of a world to call home

November 7, 2013

I grew up studying science.

I live surrounded by scientists (80% of people I have known so far)

In the science world, among the several things you can find, you get to be able to explain a lot with just few signs

This is one of the things that I’ve always found charming about science.

Even if with a different style, photography has the same kind of potential: with just an imagine you can tell and understand a lot.

but the “no, wait, what’s happening here?” moment is rather frequent when I surf through art world
(or what it looks to be art world)

The confusion takes place, mainly, when I read comments of pictures.

90% or more of the times I read the analysis of an image,
I just have to re-read it at least 2-3 times, before I get to understand 1 line.

Really, math complex analysis is easier, and I think I’ve proven I’m not a genius in science

Point is, will I ever get used to art-world speech?

In the best situation.: it feels like they need 1000 words to state “Sicily is an island”, but describing stars formation to say that, again, Sicily is an island…or MIGHT be an island.

It’s in those moments that I have to look for a friend that has the patience to translate what is said in plain Italian (or English).


Io? Speriamo che me la cavo.

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The best volcano!

November 6, 2013

Mt. Etna

of course

I was in a slightly dark mood when

going back home I ended up on the alternative way that pass in front of my favorite spot to take picture of Mt. Etna from Catania.

I stopped because I wanted to take pictures of the volcano with the first snow


as soon as I was about to take pictures, the best volcano on the earth decided to set up a few minutes long show

Mt. Etna 6th November 2013

just a cloud of ashes

just what I needed to cheer up

a new picture.



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November 5, 2013

Couple - 1st NOV 2013, Sicily [Picture taken with Leica V-lux 2]

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Gentle slap

November 4, 2013

A dear friend tagged me today on an image on FB.

On the image you could just read a quote

Youth is happy because it has the ability to see beauty.
Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.

F. Kafka 

I had an awful morning, just due to human weakness.

As a consequence, even if masked with a laugh since I didn’t want to hurt my friend and because I appreciated the thought, I asked with a slightly provocative tone: “Do I look happy to you?”

She just said: “In the truest meaning, yes


It might not be a great consolation but, even if I suck in what I do, I (still) deserve love.

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November 3, 2013

Not sure if this seagull resembles

a dancer

Seagull - 2nd November 2013 (Acitrezza (CT), Sicily


a bizarre funny version of the Holy Spirit.

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The “nice” seagull

November 2, 2013

As planned 2 weeks ago, today was the “relax day” before the final sprint. Actually I’m about to get back to my meth-math because I’m too late (as always)

Lucky me today was the second really nice day in a row.
We headed toward Acitrezza, a town on the coast, not far away from Catania.

I found an half-peaceful place where a few seagulls were resting. It was like find a treasure!
I did my best to get as close as possible to them.

I got way more closer than hoped and I started shooting thinking
“wow, I went to Vendicari to take pictures to bird and there were nice ones not far from home. Well, ok, sure is that they are not flamingos”

Soon after…

Seagull - Acitrezza (CT), 2nd November 2013

Oh, yeah

thank you Mr. Seagull

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