Past and Acronyms

January 15, 2015

In a few days will be 16 years since I started interacting with people using a computer.
This is a little shocking note and I could write a long post if with my mind I jump back to the “mIRC” era.

Why this crazy note? Because I just realised that even if I have been exposed to acronyms (mostly in a language that is NOT my native language) since I was 11,
I still have troubles to figure out some of the “new” acronyms running through the web.

“Recently” I have noticed that people on the web post things, mainly photos, tagging the post with “TBT”.
I was too lazy to check but when I saw that a friend of mine playing the TBT game (can it be defined as a game?) was, every Thursday, posting an old picture, I realised what that TBT might have meant.

I am still curious to understand why people decided to show old things on Thursday but well, next time I have nothing to do I’ll check on web possible explanations.

In short,

It’s Thursday
means it’s web day for “throwing back” old things…shots included.

Tomorrow starts the NYE
(acronym for New York Encounter)
2 years in web terms is a lot so here you get one shot

NYE 2013 - final show
that fits the TBT “tradition” and tells about the NYE (actually it tells of the final show, but music is part of the Encounter).

Well, I confess, I was tempted to just post a picture I found recently, taken at the NYE but never shared with the web.
I can’t remember to have taken it,
I guess it’s one of my let’s-see-if-camera-works-fine-with-this-setting shotNYE2013 - last evening

I also wanted to write a whole post using just the first letter of each word,
but then I thought none would understand what I mean to say.

Seriously, whoever can be in NYC for the next 3 days might want to consider to check what happens at the NYE.

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Merry Christmas

December 25, 2014

Christmas 2014 wishes

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Colletta Alimentare 2014

November 29, 2014

Colletta Alimentare 2014

Once again the yearly event

Colletta Alimentare

A tiring day but yet it is amazing to meet generous people, from the poorest to the richest.

Beauty shining in one of the best ways possible

I had little time to take pictures,

but I feel happy for this

means there was a lot to do

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Hidden presence

February 25, 2014

Mt.Etna 15th February 2014 - seen from 1700 mt above sea level (more or less)

Another attempt today
Probably I failed

Family and friends have done their best to comfort, to focus my mind on the fact “this is not the end of the world”

I am tired to start over again, once again but, I have to

Today I have felt tired all day long, tired and frustrated to the point I have taken no pictures even if I had some ideas

I just cleaned up pictures folder and edit another pictures.

I thought it was perfect, for today, to share a Mt. Etna picture showing the beauty in the first moment of a night,  and how starting darkness and a cloud revealed an otherwise hidden source of light
Night brought the necessary contrast to notice lava flow light reflecting on clouds,
even if the flow was not visible from my position

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February 12, 2014

It happens often…
I wake up in awful mood
all I wish to do is
to stay in bed and keep on sleeping but I cannot
(Who can?)

Here starts the battle.
I win it when I force myself finding a way to have beauty shining close

Call me idiot but beautiful environment is one of the few things that helps doing what I have to do

I don’t know if soon I will fail once again, it is possible, but at least darkness is kept away

Sure, I wish I could just go out and enjoy beauty, but it doesn’t work this way

At the end, world is a place where it’s possible to have extreme cold and extreme hot in the same area

Mt. Etna 7th February 2014 - seen from Catania, soon after sunset

and probably it’s where a contrast lies that it becomes easier to open eyes

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Training eyes: the trivial mysterious beauty of sunsets

February 9, 2014

Outside, after several days of rain and clouds it was sunny.

Sun. Sicilians do know it and as most Italians, they tend to get a little depressed when moving elsewhere where sun is often hiding behind clouds.

I found myself no longer trying to figure out the proof of the theorem I was studying.
I  ended up thinking about sun and clouds.
I ended up thinking about what I said yesterday to the webmaster.

I had put books aways and started to surf through the post tagged with the word “sunset” in my blog.
I can no longer ignore these thoughts
Thoughts about sunset crossed my mind too often during these days to ignore them.

Curious, 4 years ago I had accidentally discovered a passage from a book I have been thinking about recently.

Oh, little prince! Bit by bit I came to understand the secretes of your sad little life…
For a long time you had found your only entertainment in the quiet pleasure of looking at sunset.
I learned that new detail on the morning of the fourth day, when you said to me:
“I am very fond of sunsets. Come, let us go look at a sunset now.”
“But we must wait” I said
“Wait? For what?”
“For the sunset. We must wait until it is time”

– Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

It is surprising how in that post there is the sprout of what I happened to think about in the last hours.

“I am very fond of sunset”.

Yes, most of my favorite pictures tell about a sunset.

A sunset seen from Catania, a sunset seen from mt.Etna, the sunset light reflected by snow on mt. Etna, the sunset in NYC or Venice, a sunset and the silhouettes of people I love or the silhouettes of strangers, and counting…

“Let us go, look at sunset now”.

Yes, I often sneak out for pictures taking at sunset time.

How many times I said to the webmaster or to a family member to go out to take pictures “at sunset time”?

And a few days ago a thought crossed my mind: “What’s more trivial than a sunset?”



It happens, you look at it or not.

It happens, you are living or not

It happens everywhere there is a planet rotating around its axis and a star is nearby

Yet, it is often one of the most captivating moments of the day


I don’t know.

Maybe because it feels like sun is throwing a last cry of beauty, like a farewell from the day, before sinking

A cry that is there, listened only by those who want to listen.

“but we must wait”… “for the sunset. We must wait until it is time”

Etna illuminated by sunset light - 7th February 2014

Assuming I can speak of a skill with taking picture, I owe part of it to sunsets.

Yes, I can define sunset as one of the trivial mysterious beauties that let me training  my eyes for Beauty

Pushed by the desire to take pictures “using” sunset light I learned that sunset-moment starts hours earlier.

I learned to look for a specific kind of clouds.

I learned to observe clouds evolution.

I learned to look for a spot to observe this lights dance.

I learned that I have to wait for the “magic” moment…no math can tell exactly when it’s the moment to take a picture
I just have to observe.


I learned that despite it is important to figure out what is going to happen,
everything can change at the every last moment.

Yes, it is probably one of the most boring events one can be witness of.


You might not know exact second, but it is pretty easy to guess a sunset is going to happen.

Yet, it has the power to put people in silent amazement.

Assuming that one lives more than 100 years and look at a sunset every day, he will never be able to see much more than 36500 sunsets… and I am pretty sure even this long living creature, will never be able to see all possible sunsets, because, even from the same spot, the same sunset can speak differently.

Sunset moment speaks of Infinite.

And now, I am thinking about what a friend said about 9 years ago. He is the first person who spent his time looking at my pictures and who gave me advices to improve. He once said: “Find something to make unique your picture of a sunset, because everyone is able to take pictures of a sunset”.

I answered back that a picture is unique by definition.

Now I understand a bit better what he meant but I still wonder: is there more than looking for a unique picture?

I think so.


Because even the most rational creatures, after listening to my “delirium” about sunsets starts looking at the sky waiting for a sunset and maybe, someday, sending me via phone a picture of a sunset he can see and I cannot

Sunset on Venice by The Webmaster - 6th February 2014

like a present to tell me Beauty is even there where he has to go.

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Carving out time for Beauty

January 12, 2014

It’s 2 years now

This crazy dance probably will never end

Unfortunately the music seems directed by deaf and blinded souls

I wonder if who started all this has ever been able to just be happy and glad for a sunset

I fear not

I can only say “ok” to this dance

but I can still force its pace a little

carving out time for Beauty

I don’t mind the best dancers in the world think I’m an idiot

at the end, I know, I suck at dancing

I can’t help I’m the idiot who set up the tradition of going, at sunset time, with the webmaster in “our spot” to see the beauty of our Volcano.

I can’t help, I’m the idiot who ran through a park yelling <<sun, I know I am late, please, slow down!>>

even if, this idiot, is aware enough that well, things don’t work exactly this way.

I’m the idiot who jumped around disappointed because <<Uffa! sunset is already over!>>

to then realize it was just a huge cloud hiding the sun and the best was about to happen

Mt. Etna illuminated by sunset light - 8th January  2014

I’m the idiot who takes picture while “chatting” with a volcano.

Saying what?
Obviously, things like <<please, keep “smoking”, just not too hard to not cause issues to those who live there>>

Me, in front of Mt.Etna - 8th January 2014

I am also the idiot who tries to whispers

“Thank You”

when something beautiful happens.

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Lemon Christmas Tree

January 11, 2014

Lemon Christmas tree lights - Christmas 2013

Holiday time is over. I know.

I also understand that putting Christmas lights on a small lemon tree on a balcony is slightly away from tradition.

Generally we decorate the typical Christmas tree (a pine). We keep it outside to keep it fresh enough. Last one lasted a few years.

We display a nativity set at home, every year.
Actually we have several version of it…almost one per room.

As you can see, Lemon Christmas Tree is not for breaking tradition (we don’t need it).
It’s just to enjoy colors because lemons do look nice and bring colors to winter time.



A word is enough to the wise

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January 1, 2014

Vendicari first star - 28th December 2013
First “star”(*) for the first post of year 2014

This is one of those shots where Beauty seems yelling “enjoy if you can”

Not kidding, I wanted to take pictures of birds but no pictures of birds happened.

Instead one of the pictures I like more of that day displays something I thought impossible:
reflection of a star(*) on water.


(*)Actually it’s Venus, a planet.

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Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2013

Christmas 2013

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A new spot

December 15, 2013

Seagulls - 15th Dec 2013

I love when it’s sunny in fall-winter Sundays mornings

Soon after Mass it’s easy to be “tempted” to go out for a walk and discover new spots of your hometown.

I ended up in a kind of open market inside a small port.
I already spoke about this port on this blog but today I noticed a little street that brings in another area of the port.
I thought it was not free access, but instead no one complained I was walking there (and sure you can notice a person walking with a camera+tele-lens)

In that remote area seagulls seemed almost posing for those who were there.

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