City goat!

June 2, 2014

It is 2nd June but it feels like 2nd January

This means no small trip, no day spent at country house, no pictures

I guess this means also “old pictures time”
I have a few picture taken with the Leica V-Lux2 during last winter and spring that I have been able to edit only recently.


City Goat

have a nice day!

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View from Monti Silvestri

February 20, 2014

Monti Silvestri (on Mt. Etna) - 15th February 2014

At the back of Crateri (craters) Silvestri
1986 meters above sea level

View on Catania gulf from the craters

Catania gulf seen from Monti Silvestri - 15th January 2014

Looking forward for a cleaner air day to go up there again

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A promise and the unexpected little tour downtown

February 6, 2014

I have an exam in a few days so I had to postpone of an year (for the nth time) the moment of keeping my given word:

“Spend the whole period of 3days of St. Agatha festival going around town with my camera”

Catania is full of photographers and pseudo-photographers in those days.
No one needs my pictures but I keep thinking that the best I can offer is my time and taking pictures,
so I just thought I should try doing this.
Some day.

Despite I had decided this year wasn’t the year I follow the festival,
in the afternoon of the 5th as soon as I said “weird, this year it’s harder to stay home”, my father suggested we could go there after midnight.

Every year he tries to go downtown to “say hi” to the Saint.
He generally goes alone after dinner.

This year I accepted his invite to go with him.

It felt beautiful and strange at the same time, it was like time traveling back to when I was 10 or so and I felt happy like a little girl going out with her father.
Sure I was missing the webmaster and I wished other relatives and some friends were with us
I was glad
I was glad of whatever was happening.

Somehow I felt in the right place at the right moment
Trust me, this is a pretty unusual feeling for me

I like to think that is probably the reason that made me feel for days the instinct to go there,
the reason of living this little simple unexpected experience that I will save in my memory and preserve for the rest of my life.

Unexpected, as the whole little tour downtown, came some pictures and the ability to get very close to the Saint.

Many bad things are said about the festival.
Some things are truly bad.

Despite all this the air was filled with good.

It was nice to see people there.

For the first time I didn’t feel unease at taking pictures of people.

It also arrived a picture that is pretty close to the kind I am looking for.

At St. Agatha festival - February 2014

This guy(*), who I hope doesn’t mind I took this picture, offered a nice chance to get close to display the good I look for.
He was standing among the crowd with a truly serene expression on his face.
Or at least looked like he was really glad to be there.

At looking at him I noticed,
with surprise,
that people in a warmer place (the house behind) looked a bit less happy.
They were not sad, they were just looking a bit less glad to be there.
Probably they were just tired (it was 1.20am or so when I took that picture)

I call this one of those “image moments” that seems saying
“A word to the wise…”

I wonder if I should overcome my shyness, get close and start a quick chat with some of them

Definitely I loved how, most people(*) there, seemed testifying
“it is a good moment despite the cold and all life troubles”

At St. Agatha festival - February 2014

Yes, a word to those who want to hear the good among the loud noise of bad

I wished I could stay longer but father has to work and I have to study.

To complete these 2 hours of surfing through Beauty, a last final show I could record only with eyes:
While getting back home, we saw part of the the sky lit by lava light reflecting on clouds

“Yes, this is my hometown, I have to work harder to display it at its best and who knows if someday this can lead to a concrete help”

(*) se vi riconoscete in queste foto e volete che le rimuovo, contattatemi via mail e sarà fatto al più presto

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A new spot

December 15, 2013

Seagulls - 15th Dec 2013

I love when it’s sunny in fall-winter Sundays mornings

Soon after Mass it’s easy to be “tempted” to go out for a walk and discover new spots of your hometown.

I ended up in a kind of open market inside a small port.
I already spoke about this port on this blog but today I noticed a little street that brings in another area of the port.
I thought it was not free access, but instead no one complained I was walking there (and sure you can notice a person walking with a camera+tele-lens)

In that remote area seagulls seemed almost posing for those who were there.

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Not every black sheep is considered cool

November 11, 2013

2nd November 2013 (Acitrezza (CT), Sicily

some are just ignored

it doesn’t necessarily mean they are sad and not loved

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November 3, 2013

Not sure if this seagull resembles

a dancer

Seagull - 2nd November 2013 (Acitrezza (CT), Sicily


a bizarre funny version of the Holy Spirit.

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Sneaking out

November 1, 2013

Catania, 1st November 2013

Seagull – 1st November 2013

when studying (or dealing with work tasks) and stress get too oppressive

1 hour of just taking picture and feeding soul staring at beauty might be more powerful than you could imagine

I have already experience that taking pictures (or doing anything you truly love) is the best way to recharge

but it’s always an amazing surprise, an expected beautiful present.

Sure is that now I start wondering if i don’t have to walk with my reflex camera everyday.

Taking pictures today with my phone and my bridge camera was cool, but I do missed the DSLR freedom


(waiting for the friend saying “well…there isn’t such a big difference among DSLR and bridge pictures of yours)

Catania - 1st November 2013

Porticciolo Ognina (Catania) – 1st November 2013


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Keeping an eye on reality?

October 19, 2013

Ursino Castle (detail)I’m trying to study for an exam.
Nothing new.

Didn’t leave home since October 4th except to go to the university a couple of time and going to the mass.

Today it was a sunny day, we didn’t make in time to organize a long trip, as well as weather forecast  weren’t encourauging.

It’s Saturday, why not going out?
Plan was to go to a book store and take pictures at Duomo square.

We ended up to Ursino Castle (not that far away)

Not bad. At least I see it at least 30 days every year and I still have no picture of it in my archive.

Problem is: I spent there about 1hr

Why such a long time?
I had decided I wanted to take pictures from different points of view, so I started walking around and when the “trip” was almost over I found the answer to my question: Why camera isn’t allowing me to set short shooting time?

It was super sunny and with an f 2.8 I couldn’t go beyond 1/60, outside, even if with polarizing filter on it’s weird.

I have been shooting for about 30 minutes worrying that camera was about to die. Sure it was a creative way to day for a camera, a kind of depression before definitive blindness of the sensor… when I realized that it was just me… not depressed, but definitely and essentially: DUMB.

I took picture with the polarizing filter and the darkening filter on.

That’s me!
I restarted the little walk around the castle taking pictures only from those spots I liked more and then got back home.

I tend to be a little, just a little, absent minded, but I “swear”, I’m doing my best to keep an eye on reality.

Trying to.

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No, sorry. 2-3 centuries earlier.

July 26, 2013

Catania university log, on a flag - August 2011

A “silly” picture to tell something that happens often.

I “love” to ask to my friends “Guess when was founded Catania university”

No one goes back 1700’s

No, sorry. 1434*
Yeah, before Galileo was born.
Yep, even before Colombo discovered the Americas.

Ok, this is not an important information, I don’t know when were founded other universities and, funny, most people I know studied  at Catania university for years and have no idea of when the university was founded (despite it’s written in the logo that can be seen everywhere)

but I fear answers to my question are the fruit of the unconscious thought “It must be recent” (in Italy something made/born in 1700’s is not that old), since the stereotype wants the Sicilian to be uneducated and rude.
And who gave me that answer is not a “racists” I’m sure they respect me and most Sicilians, but we are all victims of common sense in a way or another.
So, no blame for them, just a bitter smile even because, being this “old” doesn’t mean that university should, needs and wants to improve.

Just saying.

Going back to work on my pictures archive.

*If I’m not wrong it’s the 19th university to be founded in whole Italy

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The more I think

June 30, 2013

Liberty style building, moon and clouds

“better I stop”

the more I notice interesting things

Well played, Boss.

Once again

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Street photography for lazy people

June 15, 2013


wait for something to happen under your nose

(e.g. without leaving home)

Not a great technique, though

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