Odi et amo mind mess.

March 22, 2015

Odi et amo. quare id faciam, fortasse requiris?

nescio, sed fieri sentio et excrucior.


One of the few good aspects to have been forced for 5 years to study more Latin than maths and physics  is that now I can sort of understand a bit of it…very little, very slowly, just written form.

The side-effect is that when I am tired I have no clue in what language is the next word I’m thinking.
Italian, English or Sicilian?
The Webmaster complains I use too many words from Milanese (another Italian dialect)

Today I ended up thinking some Latin words…
or better, thinking about the above poetry…not that I could recall,there is the internet for fixing lack of memory but… Latin?!?!
Why is my brain picking such old memories?

Oh well, why am I surprised?
I ended up thinking some bad words in Arab or Klingon…
Not that I know more than 3 words from these last  languages,
or that I am this sure Klingon can be considered a language, but it happens.

I wanted to explore Elvish languages and more seriously Hebrew…

But probably I need a brain defrag first

I guess a proper night of sleep might be the solution

In short: never deal with physics if you are sleep deprived and your mind is already a mess.

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Past and Acronyms

January 15, 2015

In a few days will be 16 years since I started interacting with people using a computer.
This is a little shocking note and I could write a long post if with my mind I jump back to the “mIRC” era.

Why this crazy note? Because I just realised that even if I have been exposed to acronyms (mostly in a language that is NOT my native language) since I was 11,
I still have troubles to figure out some of the “new” acronyms running through the web.

“Recently” I have noticed that people on the web post things, mainly photos, tagging the post with “TBT”.
I was too lazy to check but when I saw that a friend of mine playing the TBT game (can it be defined as a game?) was, every Thursday, posting an old picture, I realised what that TBT might have meant.

I am still curious to understand why people decided to show old things on Thursday but well, next time I have nothing to do I’ll check on web possible explanations.

In short,

It’s Thursday
means it’s web day for “throwing back” old things…shots included.

Tomorrow starts the NYE
(acronym for New York Encounter)
2 years in web terms is a lot so here you get one shot

NYE 2013 - final show
that fits the TBT “tradition” and tells about the NYE (actually it tells of the final show, but music is part of the Encounter).

Well, I confess, I was tempted to just post a picture I found recently, taken at the NYE but never shared with the web.
I can’t remember to have taken it,
I guess it’s one of my let’s-see-if-camera-works-fine-with-this-setting shotNYE2013 - last evening

I also wanted to write a whole post using just the first letter of each word,
but then I thought none would understand what I mean to say.

Seriously, whoever can be in NYC for the next 3 days might want to consider to check what happens at the NYE.

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No deep meaning

March 26, 2014

A glass of wine - Summer 2008

A glass of wine on the base of an old column
I recall it was taking this picture but now i thought a few of possible sounding-smart but essentially empty meanings I could give to this image.

I love cleaning up my pictures folders

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Because even laptops can be artists (!?)

February 13, 2014

Yesterday evening as soon as I click on save button to save a picture

I get this

My computer's art

Despite worries on health status of my laptop

I  loved imagining it wanted to create something new


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The webmaster looks like…

January 8, 2014

A few months ago my mother showed me a picture saying someone was looking like

The Webmaster - Boltzmann looking - 7th Jan 2014the webmaster

I could not hold laugh when I realized that the guy in the picture my mother showed to me was

Boltzmann_2Ludwig Boltzmann!
(link to picture source)

Useless to say how proud the webmaster is to look like a great physicists from the past.

We organized an evening to get a “looking like” picture

We ended up involving the webmaster’s mother to find something to create that kind of bow tie.

I am not sure the webmaster will be happy when he finds out I’m telling to the whole world that, as soon as he dressed that way, he started walking around saying various equation related to (real) Boltzmann’s studies.

We were about to take pictures when we realized that… oops, how do you tie a bow tie?
So, thanks to the guys who create how-to videos and post those on the web

I edited the picture to give to it an older look and, as always, I had no idea how-to and I’m too lazy to look it up so I just started using random tools till I got something I liked enough.

Picture is not perfect, but the webmaster sounds pretty happy of it, so it’s fine.

He is not Boltzmann or his twin brother but I am really glad for this.

Sure is, if anyone of you had doubts about the craziness of people behind this website…

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Summer not over yet

September 9, 2013

I was taking a photo of this mushroom

Mushroom: September 2013

thinking: “Oh well, it’s a little early but if there are already big mushrooms means summer is over”

Then I realized that 5-6 over-sized tiger mosquitoes were trying to enjoy my blood while I was taking the picture.


Tiger mosquitoes 800mt above sea level, on mt Etna.



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Two sunflowers

July 6, 2013

Two sunflowers from the same plant  - 2013

The plant of the biggest (so far) sunflower of this year thought well to make blooming at least another sunflower, just smaller.
Even plants, around me, are getting weird.

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NYC Jan 2013: Financial District

February 2, 2013

Financial District NYC

It’s obvious that if you are walking along NYC Financial District streets and you need the bottle of water, instead of saying “can you give me the bottle of water?” you say to your boyfriend “money”

and with no problem he will give you the bottle of water saying “ok, we are in financial district but you can’t call everything “money” …”.

No wonder that the webmaster made fun of me for the following 30minutes

I fear I was probably the only one, along those streets, to laugh out loud while walking

(and taking pictures, of course).

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You have made your bed…

April 27, 2012

…now you must lie in it.

According to wordreference this is the best translation of a typical Italian saying that states what follows
“Hai voluto la bicicletta, ora pedala”
[You wanted the bike, now pedal/ride it].

This saying came up to my mind quite often in the last 2 days because I have finally found the time to set back to work the swing on my balcony.

Setting it back to work meant to clean it after 5 months of zero activity… I live quite close to a street where most of the day there is a lot of traffic… I let you imagine the pitiful swing conditions…

Today it meant to check all the bolt and screws of the swing and tighten them when necessary…

And while using the tools you can see above I have been thinking about those men that, in similar situations, look at the women with a sly smile and say “You wanted Gender Equality… now enjoy it”.

It’s ALL fine, the swing is back to work and from today to the end of October I’m sure that I will “ride my bike” quite often 😉

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February 15, 2012

On Sunday I went for a walk in Acitrezza.

There you see Lachea island and the Faraglioni.

That place often reminds me of that legend about the
one-eyed “guy” named Polyphemus
whose only eye has been piecerd by Odysseus.
Therefore Polyphemus full anger thrown big stone (the Faraglioni) against Odysseus
Polyphemus missed his target.
Of course.
Better than a married couple…

Then I saw something and the dilemma came:

Is it a mythological two heads cat?

Or kittens wrestling?

Painkiller is working fine

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Cleaning Up or Mental Disorder?

January 10, 2012

A: Post-it to remember that below I’m working on the external HD folders
1: 100GB folder to clean up on external HD
2: A subfolder of the “Pictures” Folder on the external HD
B: Post-it to remember that below  I’m working on the iMac folders
3: 100GB folder to clean up that has been copied on the external HD in order to be 100% sure to loose no files
4: A subfolder of the “Pictures” Folder on the iMac
5: Skype, to chat with the webmaster that has been “kidnapped” italian yankees and to chat with any eventual friend/relative that wants to say hi
6: space where I place the window that shows the download status of something from the green area to the red area
7: music to modulate my yells in front of this big mess
I have to hurry up to clean up things in the green area and step by step reproduce what I did in the red area and, then, GO TO STUDY.
Why not studying first?
The iMac yesterday had only 6 free GB, today is at 15… of 500.

A little prayer is welcome… 0.0

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