Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

May 8, 2016

gecko - 8th May 2016 ((OlyE30))

My father found this little guy in a bowl on the balcony

It looked more dead than alive, but still alive, fortunately.

I said it was cute, the rest of the family doesn’t agree with me.
The Webmaster sees a dinosaurs in it.

I’ll restrain to consider it a pet and just enjoy the fact I can occasionally meet one and try to take a picture of it before it runs away.

This one was kind or, more likely, tired enough to pose for a few pictures.

A cutie, indeed


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The dance

August 8, 2015

Making arancini - 8th August 2015 - (Nikon D700)

Tonight we decided to do an experiment: make arancini!

It’s a “typical” sicilian recipe (that I know).
I’m pretty sure there is not only 1 recipe of arancini and that every lady around will state “mine is the best”.  Who would ever dare to say otherwise in front of such ladies?

We just wanted to spend a nice evening and have something cool for dinner.

Years ago it was my grandma who made arancini for us but, unfortunately, she had to gave up this tasks long ago.
It had been observing mama’s and grandma’s hands while they were cooking that I learned to love that “dance of hands”. Those hands, out of raw material or semi-raw material, created some of the coolest things you can find in this world.

Tonight, observing mother’s hands doing this dance again has made me remember one of the main reasons I keep taking pictures.

I smiled, I have found intriguing it was happening that precise evening.

I have taken the above picture and a few others,

then I turned off my camera.

If maybe taking pictures will be my everyday activity, it’s time I start learning those dance steps seriously.

If all goes fine, someday mine can be a mother’s hands or a grandmother’s hands dancing in front of the eyes of a little one.

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Solar eclipse and not only

March 20, 2015

Curious coincidence that shouldn’t have happened but did happen.

Last time I watched a solar eclipse it was 20th March 2006 and I was at my high school senior year.
And now, 9 years later, even if super late, this might be another year of important decisions
(Let’s just hope changes will run toward a more positive direction)

This time I was at home and been able to take pictures with my camera.

Solar eclipse - 20th March 2015

I guess I can’t complain.

The better part yet occurred on the ground.

I definitely spent a couple of sweet and funny hours with my father
He is beyond passionate about astrophysics, if you see me looking up to the sky I’m just using a piece of my father’s inheritance (as well as when I take pictures)
I took pictures of him taking picture of the solar eclipse, he of course complained but I do not care. It’s a something to show to his grandkids for sure.
Actually I hope he can live long enough to teach to grandkids how to find some of the most important stars and constellations as he did with me.

It was nice to see the old lady who lives in a nearby building changing behaviour for at least a few seconds.
So far I have always seen a sad/tired expression on her face, sometimes she looks angry.
Today,  when she saw me, my mother and my father looking up to the sky she did her her best to catch our attention.
When we turned at her, the expression on her face was totally different, it turned into the expression you can find on the face of curious young lady, she asked with gesture “what’s going on?!”
Here the fun started because the 3 of us started yelling “there is a solar eclipse”, we were yelling for the desperate attempt to overcome the street sounds, but she is probably a little deaf too so she was not understanding… I was starting to think about what to do to tell her but fortunately there was a young woman at her side that repeated the information for her.
The old lady smiled, probably thought we were a crazy family (not that far away from truth)
She spent a few more minutes outside on her balcony and when she decided she wanted to get back inside her apartment she waved to us.
I waved back.
I am curious to see what is going to happen in the next days since I often see her when I take pictures on the balcony or study there.

And…all this of course reminded me of  a 9 years old promise.
The friend who enjoyed the idea that triggered that promise died 1 year and 3 months later, but I have no reason to not keep the given word.

Even if for just 1 second it was nice to think he was somewhere around enjoying the show.
It has been fun to imagine that probably a solar eclipse is among the most boring thing you can see where I hope he is now.
I definitely giggled at the idea that if he heard me repeating my promise he said what he often said “you are a goofy girl” but enjoyed the idea.

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Exploring fall time on mt.Etna

November 16, 2014

Fallen leaves - 16th November 2014

Considering last posts of recently taken pictures it’s easy to guess that I’m trying to collect some pictures that shows a shade of fall time season on the most beautiful volcano on the earth
(Please, let a”worthless” little sicilian woman be glad of her land).

This time I do not want to follow the usual path of “use gut to choose what to edit, edit and publish some of the favorite shots”.
I am considering to ponder better what to do with the last too-many shots I have taken today…meanwhile I might post some of the already edited pictures in the archive, we’ll see. Depends on life tasks too. As always.

What’s behind the above picture?
Maybe yellow-orange leaves look all the same in the world, but fallen leaves on lava rocks…well, I thought it was and interesting contrast of colors and shapes.

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Challenging fog

November 4, 2014

Fog challenge/Alternative restaurant - 2nd November 2014

Last Sunday we went for a little trip around Monti Sartorius and Rifugio Citelli area

My plan was to catch the “yellowing” trees

We left our hometown where sun was shining

The closer we got to the our destination

The more the sky was cloudy till

Till the moment we had to slow down for fog

Soon later we had to stop to switch on car fog light

It was new/unusual but yet normal, at the end we were on a mountain

Till the very last moment I hoped that fog went away

We reached our destination, I was a little upset for it was clear I was not going to take the pictures I wanted to take

What to do? Closing eyes? Going back home?

Nah, it’s a challenge and I have never took pictures in the fog in a wood.

We stopped by this half-dead birch tree for lunch.

Fog was moving faster than I could image,

the view changed continuously during the lunch break (and later as well)

Yes, I guess this is going to be one of my favorite “restaurants”

It felt magic.

The fog was challenging my eyes and I am glad I didn’t run away.

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Home made ice cream

July 7, 2014

Home made ice cream - 7th July 2014

for mama’s birthday.

I guess one of the best aspect of being the daughter of a woman born in July


(and a nice reason to test the new camera)

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Sunday little walk on Mt. Etna

June 8, 2014

Mt. Etna - 8th June 2014
I guess I officially started to explore simple trekking path on Mt. Etna

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A shade of fatherhood

June 5, 2014

Once my mother told me “Most men want a son but when they have a daughter, they melt” Proof? Pictures/video quantity generally increases, for example. No matter if girl is child number 3 or 4 or more, melting process starts.

I wonder if it ever ends

Sicilian fathers are told to be among the most jealous of their daughters. My daddy never showed up with a lupara when my boyfriend comes to pick me to go out for the evening, but well, I guess that’s just because we have no guns and this is not daddy’s style to display care for his kids

Definitely, one of the most beautiful things in the world is the smile of a father looking at his daughter, especially grown up daughter. No matter how ugly father (and daughter) are, seeing such a smile means being witness of a show that speaks of beauty at its best. Well, mentally sane fathers. There are fathers who hurt their children or desert them. Fortunately in this case there might be an uncle or a family friend around that “adopts” deserted kids (just staying in the area of what I’ve seen with my own eyes)

Getting back to mentally sane fathers.

I think that my father melting process is still on: it is at least the second birthday in a row that my father bring me an orchid plant for my birthday. I still have the last year one, but it doesn’t metter

It’s always possible to find room for beauty

27th bday orchid by daddy - late may 2014

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Willy Bit reached the end of the stairs (7th)

March 6, 2014

7th Willy Bit on great grandpa's typewriter

and he discovered the stairs where the keys of an old typewriter

It took a while to him but he wanted to write something to check if the typewriter was still working.

Willy Bit’s first adventure is over but…

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Just a memory

February 27, 2014

Rising moon - 15th February 2014

from a wonderful afternoon

I hope I will be able to recall this, tomorrow.

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Hidden presence

February 25, 2014

Mt.Etna 15th February 2014 - seen from 1700 mt above sea level (more or less)

Another attempt today
Probably I failed

Family and friends have done their best to comfort, to focus my mind on the fact “this is not the end of the world”

I am tired to start over again, once again but, I have to

Today I have felt tired all day long, tired and frustrated to the point I have taken no pictures even if I had some ideas

I just cleaned up pictures folder and edit another pictures.

I thought it was perfect, for today, to share a Mt. Etna picture showing the beauty in the first moment of a night,  and how starting darkness and a cloud revealed an otherwise hidden source of light
Night brought the necessary contrast to notice lava flow light reflecting on clouds,
even if the flow was not visible from my position

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