(Sweet) goodbye Vermont

November 25, 2015


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A nice present

November 17, 2015

Sorpresa onomastico

Nice unexpected trip

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Just be patient

November 16, 2015

Boss fixing - 15th November 2015

Sometimes we just get wrong the subject of where Beauty can shine
Some other time we are just not ready

In any case it Boss will fix things and shows up elsewhere

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Not the hoped show but…

November 4, 2015

Causeway, view on NY state mountains - 4th November 2015 Vermont

Definitely worth a picture

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8 years

June 12, 2015

Sun flower - 8th June 2015

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Friendship and pictures

April 23, 2015

There are several people  I met through photography related activities

Most of them then became friends of mine

With some we talk daily, with others maybe less yet, it’s always a wonder.

A few days ago a friend wrote a post using a poetry and a picture.

The poetry was a Davide Rondoni’s beautiful poetry about love,
the picture looked familiar.

I asked to my friend from where she took the picture. I know she pay attention to mention the author of the images she uses.

She answered she found it on the web but couldn’t remember where.

I laughed and then sent her link to the original source of the picture


She had no clue it was a picture I took in December 2013.
It’s one of those pictures that belongs of “Me & The Webmaster shadows”
I take to tell in our way the place we visited together

Ok, she found elsewhere on web because some glorious mind took the picture and used without credits, but as my friend pointed out a nice thing, saying something like:

“looks like our friendship keeps going ahead the way it started, due to pictures”

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“My little mice”

March 25, 2015

Finally after several months we could meet again with Merins and her kids, actually the youngest was not there but it can just mean I have to take picture of him during a rugby match.

Anyway, I couldn’t help taking pictures…you know, I am still testing (read: “having fun using”) friend’s camera in different situations.

Tonight fun came also from the crazy lady who is old a “mouse” That is not actually a mouse a gerbil (those creatures that have a t-rex for snack).

I tried to catch the kind of moment you can see in the below picture because I want to record a drastic change of mind.
Assuming my memory is not fooling me Merins went
from thinking her children were gone nut for wanting gerbil at home,
to picking one of them and saying some funny silly things to those little creatures.

You can hear her saying “my little mice” when speaking about their 3 gerbils


I have some crazy friends.
That’s good craziness

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Solar eclipse and not only

March 20, 2015

Curious coincidence that shouldn’t have happened but did happen.

Last time I watched a solar eclipse it was 20th March 2006 and I was at my high school senior year.
And now, 9 years later, even if super late, this might be another year of important decisions
(Let’s just hope changes will run toward a more positive direction)

This time I was at home and been able to take pictures with my camera.

Solar eclipse - 20th March 2015

I guess I can’t complain.

The better part yet occurred on the ground.

I definitely spent a couple of sweet and funny hours with my father
He is beyond passionate about astrophysics, if you see me looking up to the sky I’m just using a piece of my father’s inheritance (as well as when I take pictures)
I took pictures of him taking picture of the solar eclipse, he of course complained but I do not care. It’s a something to show to his grandkids for sure.
Actually I hope he can live long enough to teach to grandkids how to find some of the most important stars and constellations as he did with me.

It was nice to see the old lady who lives in a nearby building changing behaviour for at least a few seconds.
So far I have always seen a sad/tired expression on her face, sometimes she looks angry.
Today,  when she saw me, my mother and my father looking up to the sky she did her her best to catch our attention.
When we turned at her, the expression on her face was totally different, it turned into the expression you can find on the face of curious young lady, she asked with gesture “what’s going on?!”
Here the fun started because the 3 of us started yelling “there is a solar eclipse”, we were yelling for the desperate attempt to overcome the street sounds, but she is probably a little deaf too so she was not understanding… I was starting to think about what to do to tell her but fortunately there was a young woman at her side that repeated the information for her.
The old lady smiled, probably thought we were a crazy family (not that far away from truth)
She spent a few more minutes outside on her balcony and when she decided she wanted to get back inside her apartment she waved to us.
I waved back.
I am curious to see what is going to happen in the next days since I often see her when I take pictures on the balcony or study there.

And…all this of course reminded me of  a 9 years old promise.
The friend who enjoyed the idea that triggered that promise died 1 year and 3 months later, but I have no reason to not keep the given word.

Even if for just 1 second it was nice to think he was somewhere around enjoying the show.
It has been fun to imagine that probably a solar eclipse is among the most boring thing you can see where I hope he is now.
I definitely giggled at the idea that if he heard me repeating my promise he said what he often said “you are a goofy girl” but enjoyed the idea.

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Kind craziness and 1mm that worths a lens

February 21, 2015

I know the blessing of having some friends, even if it’s hard to stand me, I admit.

One of these friends is crazy enough that decided to lend me his 7 years old camera (that still has a great value),
apparently I can use it till the day I will figure out what camera I want to buy (I hope by the end of the year if not earlier).

Looks like a condition of the rent is to go back to USA, means I have to visit Vermont…
it doesn’t look like a bad condition.

Camera arrived without lens because friend needs old ones for his new camera, and I thought I was going to use my father’s lens.
Stupid me!
I didn’t check flange focal distance till last moment, and for a “mere” 1mm there was no way I could have used my father’s lens on friend’s camera.
To be more clear, I could use father’s lens but I would have to buy adapter that has lenses that will effect image quality and,well…just no!.
Slightly sad and A LOT mad at me I started wondering what to do.
Friend offered to ship an old lens he his not using, but he had been already too generous …I wanted to find alternative solution.

What to do?
I surfed through web to look for cheap lenses, but the cheap ones are “meh”-lenses and still not that cheap…especially if I’ll buy a camera of brand that is not the same lens brand.
I then decided to opt for “old” style lenses that is easier to place on digital camera of different brands.

I found an used lens, in shop in Turin, that costs more than the cheap lenses but definitely worths more and I am sure I can use at least on old digital camera I have already.
This lens is about my age, or maybe a few years younger.

I guess that’s why now I am walking around with two cameras, mine and friend’s camera…and I end up taking pictures I didn’t even consider to think about but let’s start showing a picture that to one of my ever first subjects

Cyclamen!- 20th February 2015- NKTest


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Lonely tree

January 31, 2015

Tree on Mt Etna -  10th August 2014

Editing picture of the August vacation of my friend from Tuscany,
I know, I’m super late but he knew that I was going to be super busy.

In the picture you can see a tree on the path we walked along on mt Etna.

Most of the pictures I’ve been editing in the last weeks are mainly pictures of friends who prefer not to appear online, therefore I have little to share.

Yet the shots that just tell about the beauty we saw might be shared,
if I want and well… until plan of super big changes for this site stay in the just-an-idea-dimension

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Past and Acronyms

January 15, 2015

In a few days will be 16 years since I started interacting with people using a computer.
This is a little shocking note and I could write a long post if with my mind I jump back to the “mIRC” era.

Why this crazy note? Because I just realised that even if I have been exposed to acronyms (mostly in a language that is NOT my native language) since I was 11,
I still have troubles to figure out some of the “new” acronyms running through the web.

“Recently” I have noticed that people on the web post things, mainly photos, tagging the post with “TBT”.
I was too lazy to check but when I saw that a friend of mine playing the TBT game (can it be defined as a game?) was, every Thursday, posting an old picture, I realised what that TBT might have meant.

I am still curious to understand why people decided to show old things on Thursday but well, next time I have nothing to do I’ll check on web possible explanations.

In short,

It’s Thursday
means it’s web day for “throwing back” old things…shots included.

Tomorrow starts the NYE
(acronym for New York Encounter)
2 years in web terms is a lot so here you get one shot

NYE 2013 - final show
that fits the TBT “tradition” and tells about the NYE (actually it tells of the final show, but music is part of the Encounter).

Well, I confess, I was tempted to just post a picture I found recently, taken at the NYE but never shared with the web.
I can’t remember to have taken it,
I guess it’s one of my let’s-see-if-camera-works-fine-with-this-setting shotNYE2013 - last evening

I also wanted to write a whole post using just the first letter of each word,
but then I thought none would understand what I mean to say.

Seriously, whoever can be in NYC for the next 3 days might want to consider to check what happens at the NYE.

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