NYC Jan 2013: the missed “detail”

February 4, 2013

New York

Webmaster: Where was that?

Me: on the way to Staten Island ferry station if I’m not wrong

Webmaster: I didn’t see it! Why?!

Me: For the same reason that explains why I don’t even know when I’ll get my first level degree while you, at my age, were already a PhD student and now have a PhD in Nuclear Physics.
If you have to go from A to B you go to B as fast as possible and let almost nothing and none distracting you.
Instead, I can’t help, I stop by to look at everything that catches my attention, even if it means to waste time and get sick.

I just hope the world will have mercy upon me.

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The slope and the man

October 25, 2011

He looked like saying to the the world:
“I have serious eyes problems, I am not young, but I won’t give. I still look for order and beauty”

A wonderful answer walking along that terrible slope

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It is just…

May 27, 2011

It’s just wind, but it feels like breath

it’s just the sound made by the surrounding vegetation moved by the wind, but it sounds like a whisper coming from far away.

It’s just an hare or a rabbit,
but who said it can’t be enough?

Little friend, I have waited for you so long that I gave up waiting…


You came and you showed up for long enough that I could have killed you if I had a gun… you didn’t even noticed that I was getting closer.

Don’t worry, I would never intentionally hurt you, I shut only pictures to admire your beauty.

The beauty of the light falling on you and passing through your ears, I didn’t know they were so thin

You remind me of the One that created me and you,

No, not by your physical aspect, but you remind me of Him because you appeared exactly when I was thinking

“I’ve seen everything could have been seen today and it wasn’t that much”.

You showed up exactly when I needed it more.

I know, you are scared of me and those other human being making such a big noise and disturbing your world, but don’t worry you can get back to your life soon.

See? Few seconds after you are already back at your running all around showing you little white puffy tail.

Keep on living little one.

I got the message,

it might be just a coincidence, but thanks anyway


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Glad for today presents, but a little disappointed by my work

January 14, 2011

In the morning I went to the university, listened to a 2 hours long lectures, got back home to have lunch.

In the afertnoon I and the webmaster have been to Merins’s home to take pictures the various Christmas cribs she places all around her house at Christmas time (and kept out for me to take pictures)…
Actually it is since Christmas 2008 that she tried to invite me to take these.

I’m a little disappointed of the poor work I did in some pictures, even in the one I’m showing here too…

but I hope that tomorrow I can get a few good shots to give to Merins, and learn how to get a better result the next time I try taking pictures like these…

At the moment there is one sure good thing: Merins is giving me a lot of challenging tasks, despite I’m sure Merins doesn’t want to test my skills in photography, I have to double thank her for her “pictures request” 🙂

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All for that little spider

November 18, 2010

You, little Java, suddenly jumping off my lap, climbing up on a chair just to get that little dark spider climbing up the wall.
Oh, what a pity that chair wasn’t stable enough!
You had to give up to catch the spider but, as any stubborn creature, you didn’t go away.
You kept standing up right and pointing your eyes and ears in the direction of the running away spider.
If you were an human I might have said that you looked dreamy and sad in that moment.

You have an house, people taking care of you.
You  have food, a comfortable nest and a whole chair for you.

Few minutes before you tried to get that spider you ate your food and a slice of my sausage,
you weren’t hungry at all, but…
that is you, with the instinct to “catch” anything that is moving and that is small enough to not scare you, stil, a kitty.

You were so absorbed by you “dream spinder” that you didn’t even notice me taking pictures of you.
You just answered with a “meaow” to the webmaster that kindly teasing you, asked: “What’s wrong little Java?”
And then, again, you got back staring at the wall that, now, was empty.
Only several minutes later you completely gave up, got back curling up on your pillow.

Oh, little Java, despite I know you are just an 8 months old cat, for a moment I felt we were alike…

Dreaming about reaching “that something” that we don’t really need, but that we, somehow, feel the need to chase or, at least, stare at.

We do know you will try to catch the following black thing moving around you. No surprise, that’s your instinct. 🙂

I don’t know if there is something more than instinct moving you,
but I do know what moves me.
That’s the only reason that can make me able to do something more than just “staring at”.

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The black cat

November 9, 2010

In Italy, as probably in all countries, there are several superstitions and one of these is about black cats.

Some people if a back cat cross their walk, they stop and wait for someone passing before them. That’s because they believe that if a black cat move across the way you are walking along it will bring disgrace to your life…I won’t commet it, but I’ll just let imagine what people “do” to stray black cats in some places around Italy.

In my family there are a few member that are a little superstitious, I think they follow the “wise” position of not “truly beliving” that actions like opening an umbrella in an house will cause negative events, but they prefer “to avoid the risk”. Partially teasonable position until… I saw them surprised to see me walking around holding a black kitty. They said nothing more than “oh, a black cat!” but their “fear” bothered me a little.

Despite all they ended up caressing Java because she is a really sweet kitty, and I have to say that they really enjoye caressing her 🙂

The only thing I believe about black cat is that I would have never shot  THIS picture without our black Java: the terrible disgrace maker, with such that evil gaze in the eyes watching the… television!

Yeah such a terrible cat to have around (thanks Lord!)

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Art and Faith

October 13, 2010

In the meeting of Rimini was showed this Crucifixion, this Jesus head.

It has apparently nothing of special, unless you know the story of it.

The Crucifixion had been completed by Lando di Pietro a Sienese artisan, but his work had been split during a bombing of Siena in 1944. In the splitted had been found two inscription on a parchement, the artist Land had placed these inside the of Jesus.

“The Lord God made it possible for Lando di Pietro  of Sienato carve this crucifix in this wood in the similitude of the real Jesus to remind people of the passion of Jesus Christ Son of God, and of the Virgin Mary, therefore you ture and holy cross of Jesus Christ Son of God, render the said Lando to God”.

The prayer asks the Virgin, Saint John the Evangelist, Saint John the Baptist, Mary Magdalene, and all the saints, “men and women”, to recomend Lando to God. He completes his prayer with the statement: “The year of our Lord January 1337 [n.s. 1338] this figure was completed in the similitude of Jesus Christ crucified Son of God living and true. And it is He one must adore and not this wood“.

The second inscription, says also: “Jesus Christ through your mercy let the soul of Lando di Pietro, who made this crucifix, be recommended“.

I think that’s the great aspect of being an artist and believing in God, your art isn’t just the “need to express yourself”, it goes Far Beyond.

[Information for this post taken at the Meeting in Rimini and here]

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Am I hungry?

October 1, 2010

At times a friend’s request can be pretty useful .
A friend of mine asked me if I could send him 15-20 pictures taken at the Meeting of Rimini so that he could show them to some pre-teen kids he follows… I had gave up cleaning up those pictures because I’m kinda busy and upset in this period (what a news!) and I said to myself “Well, there I’ve taken enough pictures for a whole year, I have to study now”.

Now Meeting in Rimini gallery is almost already… and I thought that few minutes before dinner, and after several days of darkness on my site a messy, colorful picture could be a prefect restart for posting.

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So much!

August 25, 2010

I’m having pretty busy days, there is so much see, listen to.

A lot of friends to meet, and…

My feet are killing me.

But that’s good!


(More pictures later, I hope.)

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In this moment

August 23, 2010

that’s what me or people on my left are probably looking at, just from an higher point of view.

It’s such a great show!

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Wouldn’t you sleep in a pillowcase?

August 1, 2010

What happens if you place a cat in a pillowcase?

A normal cat: gets upset.

Java: starts purring louder and falls asleep.

Possible but unusual, as the most amazing things in life.

Goodnight world! 🙂

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