Cleaning up everything

July 22, 2010

As said the 19th July 2010 there are big changes in my room. The change doesn’t involve the structure, I’m still using all the previous furniture.
I’ve “just” changed the destination of shelves and other furniture where I keep my things.

This “big” change that I won’t describe to not bother you, became possible when on Sunday my brother took at “his house” the big table and all of his pc and stuff that where still in his room here.
This created a lot of space and with mom we decide to take that big pianola and place it in his room, that will come back to its previous use of “studio” and it will be more used than just staying on a shelf covered by a sheet.

This pianola kinda represent one of the biggest failure of my “childhood”, I smile at this because I guess it’s normal. I wanted to get back learning how to play a piano. I say “get back” during my first grade I studied piano but  it was very difficult to fit this with school homework, and probably I wasn’t that good either, thus I gave up.
When I was 13 or so I said to myself that I could study it all by myself, but once again I gave up after a few months and placed that pianola on the shelf where it spent most of the days of the following 9-10 years.

At least, now, in the studio me or my daddy could go there playing something of very simple for a few minutes, it might be relaxing for us. I think that at the it’s always better than just letting it on the shelf. If someday I find a friend who needs something like that and really deserve it I think I’ll have a great pleasure at giving it to him/her, but I fear there is nothing of special in it and it’s already pretty old.
I mean, it has the “cool” chance to use the “midi”. This makes me smiling a little. I’ve no idea about modern “pianola” but I guess they won’t use midi.

I’m feeling old! 🙂

BTW. More space, new use of shelves, that are mainly covered by books now (before there were mainly toys) and more space in the “lower” area of the room.

I ended most of this cleaning up on Wednesday, the same day I’ve started doing what I’ve been doing all the day today.

Converting into mp3 file old CD, especially Irish and Gregorian music to put them on my mp3 read, and mama’s MacBook that when she heard about of me turning CD songs into mp3 files came with about 5 or so CD I’ve never seen in my life of amazing music related to Gregorian music and her new computer.
In the meanwhile I’ve installed in her computer Skype and Google Notifer and made her creating a skypename. We, children, can be a big danger for parents ^_^

I’m also cleaning up ALL my pictures. It’s something I’m always doing but today I started doing it more seriously.

I wonder if this need of getting new spaces, setting things differently, sending away from “my main area” all those things that I don’t use and recall something of annoying is a sign of something. I mean, I wonder if my big attempt of definitely cleaning up my stuff (both virtual than physical) is just a signal of a bigger desire to put order in my life and in my mind.

I don’t know, but even if at times it all feels like an enormous challenge, I’m sure I feel way better each time I complete one of these minor “changes”

And I love how during these days I’m discovering a lot of old amazing things, like old good shots that I took in the previous years but, at that time, I wasn’t able to “deal with” them.
It leads me to other thoughts but I wrote too much for the moment.

See you tomorrow.

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Surfing through the past

July 15, 2010

Today I’ve been dealing with the huge amount of pictures I took from May 2005 to March 2010.
This means almost 5 years of shots, starting from the simplest ones of the first months to the more “complex” ones of the last months.

I’m doing this to create a folder of “nice desktop for computer”, 2 mac book and a hp tablet pc. I don’t think I need to explain how felt strange finding very first pictures like some cyclamen shots like this

I’ve ignored this picture when I’ve taken it… probably because it’s not great and it doesn’t have the “black background” I love to create in flowers pictures.

I’m liking this shot a lot today and I’ve decided to place it among the “possible desktop”.

The questions always the same “Was I right then? Am I right now?”
The answer changed in: “I don’t care I’m liking it and I think it’s enough”.

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The power of a simple picture

July 14, 2010

I think I’ve already talked about this aspect of taking pictures.

I love the different ways an image can help recalling a bunch of emotions and memories that I’d have forgot otherwise.

We, people, usually take pictures for important moments: weddings, anniversary, important religious event in a person life (e.g. the first communion pictures for a catholic) or just simple travel pictures. This is what I define a “linear” way of recalling event. Those pictures directly help you recalling about that special day.

There are, instead, pictures like the this one

that just speaks to the hearth of who had took that, and eventually, to those who were with the “photographer” in the moment he/she took that picture.

You guys would see just a little turtle. You are right but…

the little turtle reminds me of the table on which she’s placed, of the balcony where this table stay.
It reminds me of the door that bring from the balcony to the kitchen, and therefore I remember of the webmaster sitting at that table trying to save Merins’ laptop and all the data stored there. It reminds me of Merins talking, offering me the ice cream, asking me if I were still playing with the turtle.
It reminds me that few minutes later, while I was still trying to take picture of that turtle, Merins’ daughter, that we will just call Sunshine, woke up.
It reminds me of Sunshine coming on the balcony with one big smile to say me “hi”.
It recalls me of Sunshine’s surprised expression when she saw and liked this picture! (I’ve felt so proud in that moment, sorry! ^_^)
It also recall the moment when Sunshine tried to open a coconut, and how we all cooperated (i’ve funny picture of this moment too). It was tasty!
Oh yeah, that little turtle will always make me thinking of that “salmon color” sauce on the pasta that Merins prepared for dinner, and for the melon and the webmaster’s disgusted face at tasting it (bad guy!).
This picture will always be one of those little things that will make me recalling of Sunshine’s smile that after dinner, holding her laptop, asks with a little jump “Who wants to play to Trivia?”. (I’m not sure of the game name).
And the way Merins looked at us playing. She was behind us but at time I was able to look at her smile in a reflection on the TV… like a mama, like what she is.
It reminds me of the many time we laughed… and how the webmaster looked like a little tired baby.

That’s what I love of taking pictures, they are the way I don’t need much words or images to remember each detail of a whole day… even after several years.

Or in a simpler way, it will always testify the way a simple picture can make you thinking of the great value of friendship.

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Studying astrophysics can be extremely tiring…

July 11, 2010

Actually astrophysics is among the few things that I still enjoy reading about… but Java seems considering it boring.

Today we (me and my family) had lunch and spent the afternoon-evening time at the house where my brother lives. I played with the kitty (read:I’ve taken picture to her), and then I tried to study a little while Java was sleeping beside me.

If wasn’t that at certain point, for only God knows the reason, she jumped on my stomach (I was kinda curled up with my book) and got back sleeping on my astrophysics book. I’d have never thought a book could have been more comfortable than an armchair…

I tried, of course, taking a few picture of Java sleeping on “astrophysics knowledge”… but light wasn’t great and position even less great since the book, and therefore the cat, was on my lap and I was sitting not exactly in the proper way…beside these aspects, I was using my father’s lens that is great because it’s an f 1.4 but it doesn’t focus thing that are closer than 45cm and it’s like a big zoom (on my camera it’s an equivalent of about 100mm). This last aspect usually is something good, but if you have to take a decent shot of a very very close subject a great aspect turns into a little problem.

Then I made her going back to sleep beside me and I kept on reading/trying to study.

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In the car

July 9, 2010

Don’t worry, the webmaster was driving the car (as always).
I’m not able to take pictures while driving a car, and I’ve no intention of doing it ^_^

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Mt. Etna

July 6, 2010

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July 5, 2010

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Almost like my tiny dream

July 1, 2010

Sunflower planted on May 21st, picture taken when it came out (May 26th)… almost… indeed

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It’s still blooming!

June 29, 2010

27th May 2005. I went to buy a plant with daddy and I saw a nice orchid. I’ve always loved orchids and all bulb flowers but they are usually the most expensive ones, thus my parents usually avoided buying those.

I think that day daddy decided to buy that orchid because the following day was my 18th birthday. When we were paying our plants the lady owning the “flowers and plants shop” told me: “I want to just tell you that this plant probably won’t bloom the next year”.

For the following 4 years (till May 2009) it kept on blooming and showing her best flowers at the end of May.
It was always great, it was like “receiving” a present that brings hope.

This year 2 orchids didn’t bloom, one was even without leaves and we thought that probably mine was the dead orchid…

Few minutes ago I’ve gone out on the balcony to check if the clouds were rain clouds or not, and I saw an amazing show:

For the 6th year of its life, and the 5th time that it wasn’t supposed to bloom, my little orchid did it!

At the moment there are “just” two flower and the leaves seems not in their best shape, but it still rocks! 🙂

That’s one of those little events that can cheer up me for a whole day ^_^

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A month ago

June 28, 2010

I had lunch with the webmaster on the port dock. I wanted to go there, close to the sea, for my birthday.

This sparrow was without a paw and standing on this gate, it seemed so “not feeling good” as it were in a cage.

The very first picture taken to Java that came the day of my birthday but not for me… not completely at least.

Amazing coincidences…

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The Night

June 23, 2010

I’ve taken this picture in August 2008.

It recalls me of a PĂ©guy’s book I bought recently. It makes me thinking especially of a part of the “Il portico del mistero della seconda virtĂą” (Italian title of that book) where he speaks about night… it’s a very long part (several pages),

Today I want to share the following lines I read while in a medical centre waiting room [gone there just for a blood test, nothing serious].


E io vi dico Rimandate a domani

Quelle preoccupazioni e quelle pene che oggi vi rodono

E oggi potrebbero divorarvi.

Rimandate a domani quei singhiozzi che vi soffocano

Quando vedete l’infelicità di oggi.

Qui singhiozzi che vi salgono e vi strangolano

Rimandate a domani quelle lacrime che vi riempiono gli occhi e la testa

Che v’inondano. Che vi cadono. Quelle lacrime che vi colano.

Perché da qui a domani, io , Dio, sarò forse passato.


La notte è luogo, la notte è l’essere in cui si riposa, in cui si ritira, in cui si raccoglie.

In cui rientra. E ne esce fresco. La notte è la mia più bella creazione.

I regret I don’t have the English version of this book (if there’s any). If/When I find it I’ll write the English lines instead of the Italians ones.

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