Sparrows and humans

July 31, 2009

Have you ever looked at a bird seeking for food or at a children playing alone?
Has ever happened that while you were looking at them, jumping all around, seeking for food or fun, there was someone talking about “important” facts?

Some days ago it happened to me.

I was having lunch, and as usually some sparrow came to eat their lunch too… that day, as always, TV was on.
A journalist was talking about economy, I actually understood nothing more than “it’s going bad”. It wasn’t a nice information, definitely!

The bird kept on eating and drinking water, looking at that threatening sunshade that waved close to the food plate. The little guy kept on waiting for the proper moment (when the sunshade is steady enough) to catch the food and go to peacefully eat it in the safer pine pot.

The bird surely couldn’t care about that information, how could it? How could a sparrow understand economy or anything else about the human world? Could it solve any of those problems? No.

At the same time nobody could care about that bird, if it was having enough food that day, if it was dying or not. Why should we?

I feel like that bird, not important or useful…


If sparrows have been created, and they have the instinct to look for food or to “pay attention” to threatening sunshades, all in order to survive and go ahead… there must be a reason.

Therefore, why should I give up? Why should I stop eating, drinking or just stop trying to do and get the best I can?

Important, strong or successful people rarely care about showing to others that being “important”, being “strong”, and being “successful” it is nice, it helps, but it isn’t what define the “worth” of a person.

Some, or most, of them forget that life is worth. That’s all they should remember.

They are the same people that lead this world, they set it up… making  people, like me, feeling really uneasy with the idea to fail,  to become “nothing”.

And I think God gets sad more or less in the same way for the dying sparrow, for the depressed man and for the one who is being mean or forgetful about important things… but he surely caress all of them, even when they just drink water…

Bird Drinking Water

That’s a reason that makes me hope  to come back to take pictures:  it makes me easier to see God caress.

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Just playing with a picture…

July 13, 2009


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Longer, but nicer

June 22, 2009

Tomorrow morning I have a spoken test. The subject is what we call “Laboratory of Physics II”, it’s about electronic stuff and a lot of other things that might be interesting but, for various reasons, passing this test, for me,  become something of really difficult and annoying. (Just… I already tried to pass it in April…).

I don’t feel ready, but it’s ok.
I have to go ahead.I have to get these degree even if I regret I’ve chosen to study physics.

So, my old friend “sense of duty” made me studying today too, despite all the desire to go out for taking picture, or to go to the sea.
I have been reviewing stuff with the help of my boyfriend…and, I had a stupid problem in understanding a little thing, and this made me pretty upset.
Yeah, I am a very proud person…

By the way, I need to lie on a bed for a while, so at about 4 pm we went home but I asked to my friend to drive me home through the longest street but where I could see my Mt Etna


to which I shot picture from Catania port dock


That, I could see with the whole gulf


where it’s inserted, all while I was coming back home.

I hate to be living in Sicily, I feel like I hadn’t all the chances I could have in big cities… but I do love those “scenarios”.

They give me peace.

And when all those scenarios where going to disappear behind big buildings,… I found myself thinking about the gulf formation (I studied it at school) and that it has been made for us…
I thought about the fact that it gave a place where to love to thousands of people in history.

That it was just amazing.

I am not serene as I should be, I still feel I could have done more if I hadn’t felt so bad in the last months.
I don’t think I’ll get a good mark at the exam.

But I am sure I will be able to shot pictures at night (got to take pictures during a”social dinner” of a maths teacher congress)
and that my Mt Etna and my Gulf will be still there (well, hopefully or I would die…) even  in the next days.
I promised to both of them to take a good pictures of them as soon as I can. I really need nicer pictures of them, the beauty I saw today isn’t in the pictures I am showing here :)

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Moon rest

June 10, 2009

I promised a picture for yesterday, I didn’t keep the promise because these are busy days…
I will have busy days for the next 10-12 months, or probably for the rest of my life, but, I do my best.

So, here I am posting something of “easier” than what I wanted to create.

As easy as dropping the pen, and run to go on your balcony just for a few minutes.

As easy as looking up to the moon in the sky and taking a simple, probably low-quality, picture of it…

Moon Rest

…a show that soon or later catch any human’s eyes…

And that can let imagination run fast and making you seeing a big eye in there, or the moon rolling down the little cloud-slope, or a kind cloud offering to the moon a comfortable place to rest, or…

“It’s getting too late, I have to come back to study!”

And while coming back to study you see your mother watering plants, and you cannot avoid to yell : “Hey mom, did you see the moon?”

Did you?

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Little dreams filling a small life…

May 26, 2009

It’s a so long time since I didn’t write…

Actually I wanted to keep the blog silent till the first day of June except for the 28th May (too busy days).

But, today I have been told I won €500.
The first prize of a photography contest. I didn’t go to the prize-giving because it was about 1.5-2 hours of car far and didn’t want to ask to my bf to drive so much and my father was busy. I feel so sorry for the people that organized the contest, they said everything is ok, but I still feel sorry for them.

This news, a surprise that made me smile for hours, gave water to my thirsty dreams… after such a long time, a little but always good news can help.

Anyway, today I need to relax so I have been cleaning up the last pictures I took on Sunday morning and I found this one…

Taking off orange butterfly...

And I felt like this little butterfly that tries to take-off, to go in a safer place, in a nicer place where no one will annoy “her”.
Or just moving somewhere else by instinct. At times it happens.

An taking pictures, somehow, brings me somewhere else where nobody think that is stupid to smile if a butterfly, the butterfly you have been trying to “catch” (in a picture) while it takes off, trust you enough to stay on your finger…

Me and the buterfly

I do love when it happens.

I waited it for years.

It made me feel at peace,

at least for a few minutes…

See you soon.

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Wednesday, a reason to smile.

May 6, 2009

A more “personal” post…

Friendship can be pretty weird sometimes. It can transform a word, a simple word like Wednesday, in the most amazing word for a whole evening and even more…

What a laugh, that Wednesday of about 3 years ago! I don’t remember the precise day, neither what I was talking about with my friend, but I remember that at a certain point I wanted to say “Wednesday” and I couldn’t…

I don’t know the reason, but I was unable to read that word properly… my friend on the other side, first tried to remind me how to read “Wednesday”, soon later he started mocking me with his weird but lovely style. He started asking me, with a serious voice: “What day come after tuesday?” “What before Thursday?” and so on… I tried to answer a couple of time, but there was no chance. Wednesday wasn’t a word I could say that day.
I started laughing and I cried for the laugh, and my friend from “willing” to “mocking” started laughing with me, smiled (I knew when he was smiling) and than laughed with me.

Later I told him that sometimes Italians have big problem in reading English words, because we link just a sound to each letter, while in English sometimes it is different (“e.g. The “e” in “Elephant” or “send” and the “e” in seen are read in different ways, while in Italian we are used to read the “e” symbol only as in Elephant or send, doesn’t matter if there is one or more e… to not talk about dropped sounds alike the ending “e” in verbs alike “create”, Italians learning English would tend to read also the final e).
It has been difficult to explain this difference, but when he understood he started asking me to read in the “Italian way” some complex words, and I can assure you it has been a lot of fun.
I know, seen from outside it may look just a stupid situation… probably it is. But, what’s bad in it? :)

Few months before dying that friend talked with me via MSN for a last time.
He was pretty sick and for this reason he had problems to sit for a long time at the table. I showed him some pictures, as I was used to do, and among those picture there was this one:


(As always, click on the picture if you want to know “something more”).

He was really sweet and nice that last day we talked but he didn’t loose his weird humor and he started kidding that I should have sold the pictures, make money and send them to him. I told him that I preferred to save those money to go in the USA and visit him. He liked the idea, he smiled (I knew when he was smiling).
He has been the first person to think that I could earn some money from pictures. He was crazy enough to believe it as my boyfriend does now ;D

If it will happen, some day, I want to fulfill my promise. I will go to visit him in his town… What if I sell no picture? It doesn’t matter, I will go to visit him anyway ;).

But… imho…the nicest thing is that, when it’s Wednesday, sometimes, I whisper to myself  “Wednesday” and this makes me smile…

All just to tell you something about the reason that made me choose this picture for the new gallery “Flowers” —> “Cyclamens”. I love it, there are a lot of good memories linked to that picture for me.

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Seeking the “hidden” Light.

April 22, 2009

Going out carrying my camera means a lot of things for me.
One of these is: forcing myself to look at this world, to focus my mind on what is around me in order to avoid to lose a detail that might enrich my day or, if I am lucky, my life in general.


This picture, that someone likes, that someone commented saying:”It looks lit from inside”… wasn’t shot in a studio (I have never been in a photography studio), I didn’t take it with “special” instruments. It’ just a picture of a (small) rose of a plant on my balcony in a little city on the East Sicilian cost. Nothing more.
That light isn’t a post production artifact, I just “helped” it with a little light level adjustment, it’s natural. It was the sun shining on it… the same sun that all of you know.

A simple detail, a definitely unnecessary picture… it reports nothing, nothing important.

It can just testify that someone, somewhere, a day of a certain year, has gone out on the balcony, just after lunch, holding a camera in the hope to be able to find a reason more to smile, to find a reason more to make someone smiling, to find a reason more to remember that even the smallest and simplest thing (or person) can shine with the Light that is necessary for our lives.

Taking pictures, for me, is a good exercise to practice my eyes to seek that Light, to learn to find it.

Next step?
Being able to understand why God created mosquitoes that keeps me awake at night ;D

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Pictures as zucchini

April 18, 2009

What does a 21yrs old girl do on Saturday?
Sleeps and works on her new site… should be studying? Yes, but not now.

I want to complete the site before my birthday (end of may) because I want to turn 22 knowing that I had completed something. Ok, I know the site is supposed to be in continuous evolution, but I hope to reach that day knowing that I have only too add NEWEST pictures (the ones I didn’t taken yet)… Yeah, maybe it’s not important but it’s the only thing I can do.

I could study, actually “I am doing it” (in these days)… but I love this “work” so it doesn’t matter if I have to give up a little of sleep or a little of fun. Well, actually it’s funny to run trough 14,600 files or so (more or less the amount of pictures in my computer) but sometimes it is extremely tiring (for eyes especially) and frustrating too: beside the usual problem with programs that work WHEN and HOW they decide to. One of the biggest “problem” today has been to decide in which gallery should go a specific picture. (E.g. where should I put a picture of a boat on the sea that I’ve taken on Catania port dock at sunset time? In the gallery “sunset”, in the gallery “sea” or in the gallery “Catania”?).

Despite all, these days of work on the site are being amazing because “playing” with pictures  made me discover some  shots that I previously marked as “bad shots”, but that at later look they were nice.

I don’t know the reason, but happens often: I take a set of picture, I pick the ones I like more and leave all the originals shots in  a folder somewhere in the computer (yep, my room, my computer and my life in general is as messy as my mind).


I find it amazing! I mean, it’s amazing to put a picture away, and later discover its “previously hidden” beauty.

I know, it seems crazy but I think it happens to everyone of us in a lot of different situations, we just don’t notice it so often. I mean, when I was a child I didn’t like zucchini and potatoes. It was a torture for me when mom cooked zucchini and potatoes. Now I like them, and a lot too (well, I like chocolate more of course!;D) .

When I (or my brother) start eating fruits or vegetable that we previously disliked, my parents says: “You are getting old!”. And smile.

Yeah, they are probably right. I start thinking that sometimes, we have just to wait to be able to appreciate what is being in front of us (or in our dishes).

Other technical notes about the site:

– the site has been modified in its general structure in order to make the visit more pleasant (less clicking). Thanks to a friend suggestion and a special thanks to M1L (my boyfriend) work! ;D

– In the “About” site section have been added the names (and site links when available) of the “comment” authors

– I changed the gallery structure (just put the thumbnails pictures below instead of on the left) because I am crazy and a little lazy at the same time. Crazy because I always change what I do. I am lazy because I never study how a program works before using it, I just open it and start clicking what makes sense in order to learn how it works… so sometimes I learn after WEEKS even the simplest actions ;D.

– I added 2 new pictures in the “Orchids”[Flowers->Orchids] set and another  in the”Sparrows” [ Animals->Sparrows] set.

– I added the new gallery “Sunset” (Panorama->Sunset).

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Still a lot to do…but let’s take a look to Pantalica!

April 17, 2009

The site, as I said it’s still under construction, but my  (official) main activity is to study physics so I have very little free time.
Yesterday I uploaded a new gallery: Pantalica.

Take a look if you wish.


What about these pictures?
We could start knowing something about the place.

The pictures I am showing up, have been taken in May 2006. At that time I was 18, I knew about the place but I have never been there even if it’s Sicily.

Before that day I thought it was impossible to see such an amazing place with so much water in Sicily! I remember I spent most of my time taking pictures and  saying: “Wow that’s wonderful!”.  That day I had the quickest lunch I ever had because I wanted to keep on taking pictures.

As you can see: I have a wonderful memory of that place!
Since May 2006 I have always planned to come back there, but each time there has been a problem or a more important thing to do that I had to give up; I hope this summer i will be able to go there ;D

Ok… I don’t want to drown pictures with too many words. In future I hope to have the chance  to talk about each of them (more or less), because I like to remember (and share) each aspect of the Beauty that made me take each shot.

Gotta go,

I hope you will enjoy Pantalica as much as I did! 😉

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Let’s start a new adventure

April 16, 2009

This is official my first post on this “new” blog that is related to my new website:

There is still a lot of mess, intro to complete, galleries to complete… but I have been able, with the help of my boyfriend (what will we do without people who loves us?), to create the general structure of my new website.

I could bother you trying to tell you about all the other sites I’ve created. I think I created my first website when I was 12. It was of course a simple stupid site about me… now, the new site, it’s a site about my pictures, or better, about those pictures I think are good enough to be shown.

What do I want from this site?
A lot of things, but essentially I still want what I have always want when I show my pictures: I want to show up to this world that there is Beauty out there, and that is a wonderful present for us…

Why am I a beauty-seeker? Because I need it as every human needs air, I need it to live (that is different to “just survive), I need it to appreciate life even if sometimes it’s too hard and difficult.

Do I think my pictures are the best all over the world?
No, not at all… It is clear I still have a lot to do, a lot to learn and a lot to decide.
The only thing I know is that at the moment I want to go ahead because I know to be Loved by that one Who created everything, me and you included.

I wish you will enjoy my pictures “fellowship”, as well as I enjoy them.
I wish you will see the Beauty and Love that I have seen “reflected” on the subjects of my shot…

So… let’s start with this little adventure that will bring me to I don’t know where, but that it must be somewhere… like when I shot this picture less than 48hrs ago. I turned back, saw something that was somehow interesting and I tried to capture it. My boyfriend said:”You see thing that I cannot, I didn’t notice this frame of this place”. It’s probably a too simple picture, but it meant something…


Fortunately not all the picture are such a mistery for me. You’ll see it.

A special thanks to my friends that wrote (or are writing) the “about her” (About the author) lines. I didn’t wrote the name of most of them yet, because I didn’t know if they want to appear on this site.

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