And a bit of Padua

July 9, 2015

Bit of Padua - 29th June 2015

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The shadows tradition

July 2, 2015

Venice trip June 2015 - 28th June 2015

Somewhere in this blog I explained that around January 2013 (period of NYC-NYE trip) I started taking pictures of my+TheWebmaster’s+(relatives’s/friends’s) shadows projected on the ground of the place we are visiting.

There was no reason to not keep the tradition going ahead , therefore last Sunday, at the end of our second trip to Venice me and the webmaster decided to use the nice late afternoon light.

P.S. Tomorrow will be 100 months together. Oops! 🙂

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House fly liver

January 17, 2014

Venice - January 2013

In the periods when I cannot say “I only dedicate to taking pictures now”
I like to “force” myself opening folder pictures and if I don’t need clean-up I just surf through unedited files and work on those
Because, yes, even in the “I just take pictures now” period I have never been good enough to find the time to do a full selection.

So, yesterday I was surfing through folders pictures looking for something to hang on my wall
(printing on paper gives more than I’ve ever imagined)
and even if I gave with that project I got back editing Venice pictures and I ended up to the above result.


I “confess”

I am abusing a little too much of post editing in these days

This and HDR and I post edited even the HDR final result
(even if, the sky, trust me, was really that cool)

I consider it as small editing practice because as people say in Sicily

Ogni ficateddu di musca fa sustanza

that literally means “Each fly liver is worth”

I think the meaning is clear, anyway, it is just to mean that everything, even the smallest, has it’s reason to be.

Creating the image relaxed me

Looking at this relax people I know, and who knows, even strangers.

A simple beauty that might not “enrich” your soul but definitely can push away for a little while side-effects of tiredness.

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There is more than photography (too)

October 24, 2013

In the last days an aspect of reality unfolded in front of my eyes, but I could take no picture of it

It is not possible to take a picture of it because it is an action that involved people living in different countries, speaking different languages, doing that action in completely different moments…all focused on just one young man health.

I could say that these people had in common just one thing, and it was sharing friendship with me, but that would not be enough to explain what happened.

What all these people really have in common is that at a certain point of their life they decided to follow Who is the source of the Beauty I keep seeking daily.

Problem is, I speak so-so pictures language and I’m awful with words…How showing this Beauty then?

A picture worth 1000 words, but I have no picture.

Why not sharing about 1000 words picturing a real friendship?

At the end I read those words a few days before all this happened, before I could even imagine all this would have happened


‘It’s coming out in a minute,’ whispered Pippin to Merry. Merry nodded
     ‘Well!’ said Frodo at last, sitting up and straightening his back, as if he had made a decision. ‘I can’t keep it dark any longer. I have got something to tell you all. But I don’t know quite how to begin.’
     ‘I think I could help you,’ said Merry quietly, ‘by telling you some of it myself.’
     ‘What do you mean?’ said Frodo, looking at him anxiously. ‘Just this, my dear old Frodo: you are miserable, because you don’t know how to say good-bye. You meant to leave the Shire, of course. But danger has come on you sooner than you expected, and now you are making up your mind to go at once. And you don’t want to. We are very sorry for you.’
     Frodo opened his mouth and shut it again. His look of surprise was so comical that they laughed. ‘Dear old Frodo!’ said Pippin. ‘Did you really think you had thrown dust in all our eyes? You have not been nearly careful or clever enough for that! You have obviously been planning to go and saying farewell to all your haunts all this year since April. We have constantly heard you muttering: “Shall I ever look down into that valley again, I wonder’, and things like that. And pretending that you had come to the end of your money, and actually selling your beloved Bag End to those Sackville-Bagginses! And all those close talks with Gandalf’.
     ‘Good heavens!’ said Frodo. ‘I thought I had been both careful and clever. I don’t know what Gandalf would say. Is all the Shire discussing my departure then?’
     ‘Oh no!’ said Merry. ‘Don’t worry about that! The secret won’t keep for long, of course; but at present it is, I think only known to us conspirators. After all you must remember that we know you well, and are often with you. We can usually guess what you are thinking. I knew Bilbo, too. To tell you the truth, I have been watching you rather closely ever since he left. I thought you would go after him sooner or later; indeed I expected you to go sooner, and latterly we have been very anxious. We have been terrified that you might give us the slip, and go off suddenly, all on your own like he did. Ever since this spring we have kept our eyes open, and done a good deal of planning on our own account. You are not going to escape so easily!’
     ‘But I must go,’ said Frodo. ‘It cannot be helped, dear friends. It is wretched for us all, but it is no use your trying to keep me. Since you have guessed so much, please help me and do not hinder me!’
     ‘You do not understand!’ said Pippin. ‘You must go – and therefore we must, too. Merry and I are coming with you, Sam is an excellent fellow, and would jump down a dragon’s throat to save you, if he did not trip over his own feet; but you will need more than one companion in your dangerous adventure.’
     ‘My dear and most beloved hobbits!’ said Frodo deeply moved. ‘But I could not allow it. I decided that long ago, too. You speak of danger, but you do not understand. This is no treasure-hunt, no there-and-back journey. I am flying from deadly peril into deadly peril.’
     ‘Of course we understand,’ said Merry firmly. ‘That is why we have decided to come. We know the Ring is no laughing-matter; but we are going to do our best to help you against Enemy.’
     ‘The Ring!’ said Frodo, now completely amazed.
     ‘Yes, the Ring,’ said Merry. ‘My dear old hobbit, you don’t allow for the inquisitiveness of friends. I have known about the existence of the Ring for years


     ‘Well, as I was saying’, Merry proceeded, ‘I kept my knowledge to myself, till this spring when things got serious. Then we formed our conspiracy; and as we were serious, too, and meant business, we have not been too scrupulous. You are not a very easy nut to crack, and Gandalf is worse. But if you want to be introduced to our chief investigator, I can produce him.’
     ‘Where is he?’ said Frodo, looking round, as if he expected a masked and sinister figure to come out of a cupboard.
     ‘Step forward, Sam!’ said Merry; and Sam stood up with a face scarlet up to the ears. ‘Here’s our collector of information! And he collected a lot, I can tell you, before he was finally caught. After which, I may say, he seemed to regard himself as on parole, and dried up.’
     ‘Sam!’ cried Frodo, feeling that amazement could go no further, and quite unable to decide whether he felt angry, amused, relieved, or merely foolish.
     ‘Yes, sir!’ said Sam. ‘Begging your pardon, sir! But I meant no wrong to you, Mr. Frodo, nor to Mr. Gandalf for that matter. He has some sense, mind you; and when you said go alone, he said no! take someone as you can trust.’
     ‘But it does not seem that I can trust anyone,’ said Frodo.
Sam looked at him unhappily, ‘It all depends on what you want,’ put in Merry. ‘You can trust us to stick to you through thick and thin – to the bitter end. And you can trust us to keep any secret of yours – closer than you keep it yourself. But you cannot trust us to let you face troubles alone, and go off without a word. We are your friends, Frodo. Anyway: there it is. We know most of what Gandalf has told you. We know a good deal about the Ring. We are horribly afraid – but we are coming with you; or following you like hounds.’
     ‘And after all, sir,’ added Sam, ‘you did ought to take the Elves’ advice. Gildor said you should take them as was willing, and you can’t deny it.’ ‘I don’t deny it,’ said Frodo, looking at Sam, who was now grinning.
     ‘I don’t deny it, but I’ll never believe you are sleeping again, whether you snore or not. I shall kick you are to make sure.
     ‘You are a set of deceitful scoundrels!’ he said, turning to the others. ‘But bless you!’ he laughed, getting up and waving his arms, ‘I give in. I will take Gildor’s advice. If the danger were not so dark, I should dance for joy. Even so, I cannot help feeling happy; happier than I have felt for a long time. I had dreaded this evening.’
     ‘Good! That’s settled. There cheers for Captain Frodo and company!’ they shouted; and they danced round him. Merry and Pippin began a song, which they had apparently got ready for the occasion


The Fellowship of the Ring – J.R.R. Tolkien

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Venice Jan2013

June 18, 2013


Venice Jan 2013

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Venice Jan2013: smoke on water

June 11, 2013

Venice Jan2013: smoke on water

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Printing test #1

June 10, 2013

Here we go.

Time flies. I’m something like 1-2 (extra) months late in my studying schedule, bunch of reasons but the point is that I’m going to have very little time for the next week. I’m speaking of time to dedicate to my pictures.

Despite this yesterday I wanted to use a discount ticket that an Italian online printing service sent me for birthday (of course I already used this service in the past)

Good timing! I was thinking about doing some printing test.

Ok, the discount barely cover the shipping costs but since I was going to do this test anyway, at the end I got an extra picture to hang on my wall.

The test is: printing images on a magnet

Ok, I’m disappointed a little that magnets I find are square-circular or “hearth”-shape…I’d rather love more rectangular magnets (2:3 and 3:4 ratio at least) but ok, it’s all fine.

I think it’s almost a cliché (but a nice one) to bring at home a magnets showing famous spots of a visited city…magnets or any other souvenirs

No need to tell what happened to our home fridge when I came back from the NYC-Venice-Padua trip…(actually the number is rather high but just because those magnets will go away when I move)

Anyway…since there is this tradition why not trying to create a personal version?

Even considering that “made in China” products are the easiest to find (sometimes the only available)

That was rather frustrating especially in Venice. In NYC i had not time to look around much but in Italy I had more time and I was sad to see that, despite most Italians don’t lack of creativity for sure, it was difficult to find a local artisan (that sell things a student can afford).

I am not sure results will be exciting even because I intentionally picked average pictures for these tests
(one of my rules: never test something with the best of the best, the following time might be pretty disappointing)

If I’ll be happy of the result I might consider to create some more, at least for friends an relatives, in case of future travel or anything that makes sense printed on something that isn’t just photographic paper.

I hope they will enjoy the idea as well. At the end, this way they can know the story of the pictures and they would have something “made in Italy”.

Actually “made in south Italy” if you only consider the “author” hometown and where is located the printing service


[even if I wonder, now, where it’s made the material on which they print the pictures, but let’s not care]

Printing test #1

And it’s funny to see smiling clouds on the upper left corner of the NYC picture.

I mean…I am noticing those clouds only NOW


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Venice Jan2013

June 6, 2013

Venice Jan2013

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Venice Jan2013 and listening to a friend’s suggestion

June 3, 2013

Surfing through Venice pictures folder I found 2 shots at different light exposure that  were interesting enough to make me try anyway to get an HDR (actually not enough data to even think).

The result wasn’t bad but if I wanted the water to look nice I wasn’t able to not make the sky grey (and it wasn’t grey that in Venice) as well as it gave a weird effect close to the building.

I was just going to go for a square format, that is the rude “crop away the sky”.

Then during a chat with a friend came up this little trouble and told me “why don’t you fix just the sky selecting it?”

I started my usual complain (each time I get an advice I have the bad habit to complain)… saying that “naaaah… it was too false…too boring… not worth too”.

Friend didn’t give up but neither forced to try, just mocked me for being this lazy… more then mocking he just said the truth. Too proud and lazy.


Venice Jan 2013 and a friend's help

It’s not a super wow picture (even if webmaster seemed enjoying it like a child)…
but I should keep in mind that it is a really “experimental” picture for me… I just tried to see what was going to happen in both situations, that are the creating the HDR with just 2 pictures, and the attempt to “invent” a way to fix the sky following friend’s advice to select it and work on just it.

Not super wow but I’m glad of the result… especially because now I linked it with a friend.

Now I can say it’s friend’s fault if I am not studying!
He helped but at the same time he made me discovered a new path (or potentially several ones)
that means also he just gave me a new reason (as I didn’t have plenty of those) to play with pictures instead of…for example, studying maths of physics!!!

See? It’s not my fault!

Just kidding.



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Venice Jan2013: masks

May 30, 2013


Venice Jan 2013: Masks

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Venice Jan2013 and the much left to do

May 29, 2013

Venice Jan 2013 - HDR

Yesterday I took a day off from books and everything I have to do to complete the “getting that kind of BA in physics” task.

After sleeping, enjoying some chat with friends (unfortunately just online), I surfed through my pictures folders…
That’s how I (re-)realized that there is a lot of work as pseudo-photographer left…and this surprised me.
I am not speaking of the learning and improving work (this will never end)… but just the mere act of selecting, editing and showing pictures taken in January!

Well… step by step I’ll go ahead in this too.

Meanwhile I have to get back to my odi-et-amo physics-related duties.

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