The shadows tradition

July 2, 2015

Venice trip June 2015 - 28th June 2015

Somewhere in this blog I explained that around January 2013 (period of NYC-NYE trip) I started taking pictures of my+TheWebmaster’s+(relatives’s/friends’s) shadows projected on the ground of the place we are visiting.

There was no reason to not keep the tradition going ahead , therefore last Sunday, at the end of our second trip to Venice me and the webmaster decided to use the nice late afternoon light.

P.S. Tomorrow will be 100 months together. Oops! 🙂

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Friendship and pictures

April 23, 2015

There are several people  I met through photography related activities

Most of them then became friends of mine

With some we talk daily, with others maybe less yet, it’s always a wonder.

A few days ago a friend wrote a post using a poetry and a picture.

The poetry was a Davide Rondoni’s beautiful poetry about love,
the picture looked familiar.

I asked to my friend from where she took the picture. I know she pay attention to mention the author of the images she uses.

She answered she found it on the web but couldn’t remember where.

I laughed and then sent her link to the original source of the picture


She had no clue it was a picture I took in December 2013.
It’s one of those pictures that belongs of “Me & The Webmaster shadows”
I take to tell in our way the place we visited together

Ok, she found elsewhere on web because some glorious mind took the picture and used without credits, but as my friend pointed out a nice thing, saying something like:

“looks like our friendship keeps going ahead the way it started, due to pictures”

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A shade of fatherhood

June 5, 2014

Once my mother told me “Most men want a son but when they have a daughter, they melt” Proof? Pictures/video quantity generally increases, for example. No matter if girl is child number 3 or 4 or more, melting process starts.

I wonder if it ever ends

Sicilian fathers are told to be among the most jealous of their daughters. My daddy never showed up with a lupara when my boyfriend comes to pick me to go out for the evening, but well, I guess that’s just because we have no guns and this is not daddy’s style to display care for his kids

Definitely, one of the most beautiful things in the world is the smile of a father looking at his daughter, especially grown up daughter. No matter how ugly father (and daughter) are, seeing such a smile means being witness of a show that speaks of beauty at its best. Well, mentally sane fathers. There are fathers who hurt their children or desert them. Fortunately in this case there might be an uncle or a family friend around that “adopts” deserted kids (just staying in the area of what I’ve seen with my own eyes)

Getting back to mentally sane fathers.

I think that my father melting process is still on: it is at least the second birthday in a row that my father bring me an orchid plant for my birthday. I still have the last year one, but it doesn’t metter

It’s always possible to find room for beauty

27th bday orchid by daddy - late may 2014

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Venice Jan 2013: “Do you remember Indiana Jones?”

April 30, 2014

Venice (Last Crusade) - january 2013

Walking around Venice with the webmaster he stopped at a little square and said “do you remember ‘Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade’ ?”
Me: Sure I do
Then the webmaster said: “Here is where they shot some of the scenes that takes place in Venice”
I was 2 and he was 6 when the film came out but somehow is one of the things we love alike.

This time it was me the one being unable to notice a nice “detail”, and I love how when it’s me blind there is always someone at my side to help.
So I tried to take a nice shot of this little place, just to make my webmaster a little happier

I can’t give much to people, but a bit of collected beauty is always “easy” to share.

Below a screen-shot from the movie-scene the webmaster was talking about.
I found the image in a lovely blog I discovered just few minutes ago


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Taking pictures, sometimes it’s a “dirty” job

April 13, 2013

Today, a couple of friends from USA have made me recalling one of the happiest moments in my life.

The afternoon of Sunday 23rd April 2006.
I was at my senior year in high school.
I spent a good part of that afternoon taking pictures to butterflies in the backyard of family country house.

I had bought (for my 18th birthday) my first DSLR (Olympus E300) 11 months earlier but I was a student with very few (no) friends and I rarely was able to find time to leave home to take pictures.
As a consequence that afternoon  was one of those rare occasions during which I was able to play with my camera.

I still have a clear image (in my mind) of my uncle walking toward to where I was,
and I still remember my yell “stand back or butterflies will fly away”.
Butterfly don’t mind if you yell, but they fly away if you get too close too quickly.

I can’t remember if uncle came closer or just waited for me at home.
but I remember quite well how we enjoyed looking at the pictures I have taken.

I don’t know the reason, but he stopped at this picture.

2006 - Stella

He said “we should name it “Stella”…”.
I have no idea of why he said it. He wasn’t exactly the sweetest man on the earth.
It didn’t matter, I added the word Stella (Star) to that picture file name.
I knew, even if I didn’t know why, it was something I wanted to remember.
He would have died few months later and, trust me, I had no idea (on that day in April 2006) of what was going to happen in the following months.


That day, for a few hours

I have been sitting on dry rabbit excrement but I was happy.

Behind me: Catania and its gulf
In front of me: Mt. Etna
Family at my side
Butterflies one step away from me

Butterfly 2006

one trusted me enough to rest for a while on my hand
a simple joy I have re-discovered only 7 years later in NYC

2006 - trusting human

That was Home.

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Mt.Etna view, after a test.

April 12, 2013

Mt Etna dopo Algebra Geom Scritto

Today it has been active but there was a written test in the afternoon.

Well, we went to see sunset after the exam.

Let’s hope I didn’t fail, but one thing is sure, I’ve had a nice afternoon and Beauty was definitely not playing hide-and-seek

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NYE 2013: awaited picture

March 26, 2013

Final show

Taking picture at the final show wasn’t my task

That’s why I told the young man who had this task that “I’m going to take pictures at the show, but just for my own pleasure”. This young man surprised me answering back: “Don’t worry! I won’t get angry, actually I’d like some help”. Just an example to give an idea of what kind of people you can find working as volunteers at the Encounter.

This picture, especially, is one of my favorite for several reason.

One of the reasons is that for years I thought about how beautiful would have been to take a picture of artists in action.
Especially of people playing this kind of music.
I’ve always been amazed by the fact that you can read joy on their faces or in the way they move. It’s clear that they are putting all their passion, love and effort in what their are doing.
I have always thought would be wonderful to be able to take pictures (or do any other kind of job) the same way they play music.
This passion is like shining Beauty.

So I guess that, despite as any other picture even this one just “happened”, I can say that I have been waiting for this shot for years.

Who knows if I’ll ever get new chances to take pictures like (or much better than) this one.

We’ll see.


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Webmaster’s patience

January 3, 2013

I guess that each pseudo-photographer’s boyfriend gain sanctity points each time they go out for “taking pictures sessions”.

In my case these sessions happen each time we go out since there is often something beautiful enough to make me pull out my camera 🙂

In this case you can see the webmaster patiently standing in a point after I yelled “Do not move!”

I couldn’t help, he happened to be exactly where I needed him to be for the picture I had seen. I wonder if I had to yell even “turn right”…

The lovely thing is that he didn’t even ask “why?”, he just patiently waited for the yell “ok, thanks a lot!”

I guess that day (sept 1st 2012) the webmaster gained several sanctity points 🙂

[Why yelling? there were several meters separating us and people generally can’t hear me speaking even if they are 50cm away from me]

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The Webmaster’s treasure map

November 11, 2012

Today was the turn of the calendar for the webmaster

Yesterday he said that he wanted something like the “map calendar” I created for a friend’s grand kids

Therefore I was creating something similar with the background of the Orion constellation, but … when the webmaster saw the draft, he said:

“Nooo, I meant a complete treasure map, like the one in Duck Tales”

Now, I watched that animated television series, actually I loved it, but I couldn’t remember of a specific map

A few seconds later he sent me this link:

Oh… well, I could have avoided the work, I had to just play the card “make him feel guilty” that means saying things like:

“I have never drawn a map like that! I study physics and take pictures, I can’t do this TOO! You make me waste time!”, but

he asked it in such a tender way, like he went back to the age we had when this show was on TV, and

I have to admit it, the challenge was intriguing enough that I have agreed to make a treasure map, or at least something looking like a treasure map.

No matter how long it might have taken.

The path, the circle, the final “X” on his favorite picture, the mountains, the so-so trees, the rivers as well the railroad (for the railroad may God bless the brushes of the program).

All created today, while chatting with the webmaster via skype and showing, through screen sharing, the calendar taking form step by step.

It is not exactly like the Duck Tales map, it’s way more trivial, but I guess that as first attempt of “treasure map” I can’t complain.

And, above all, the webmaster sounds really happy of it.

Just a funny note:

while I’m writing this post from the webmaster’s laptop I hear this music coming:

and several other intro of animated television series

I guess we have to thank skype for such a funny evening despite we have to live 1000km away from each other.


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Trip to Pantalica: a sweet instant

August 22, 2012

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January 9, 2012

Events cannot be changed this time but we can face it with a slightly better knowledge of the Beauty at our side

My webmaster knows how to be the best one 🙂

Now it’s my turn.

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