Beauty happens, deal with it.

March 5, 2015

Yesterday I wanted to catch a snow covered Mt Etna hit by sunset light but I have not been lucky due to clouds stealing sun to Etna and maybe it’s also the wrong period of the year to catch sunset light on mt Etna south flank.

Yet, once again, what I thought was cause of “failure” became source of wonder

Sunset time - 4th march 2015, Catania

I originally wrote a longer post where I wrote about the fact that it often happens to deal with people who accused other people of super editing pictures since “sunsets cannot be that red”.

In a few minutes I realised those people are surrounded by darkness enough that they do not need a rant from this little pseudo-photographer.

Beauty happens.
It rarely happens in ways we can control.
Deal with it.

I just hope that whoever sees this image, despite maybe not that great, will see and enjoy the wonder I saw yesterday.

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Sun and fog

November 18, 2014

Gold and fog - 2nd November 2014

One of two friends who visited Sicily in August showed me some pictures he took here and some of the last days pictures were with crazy colors

I asked to my friend why he gave that look for shot and he said that he had been confused by sky color…like he thought it was not possible it was so blue.

We laughed about the fact that his “yankee” eyes got confused by sicilian summer sun light.

Few week later we laughed about the fact my “sicilian” eyes had been confused by fog.

He didn’t exactly said “Revenge!” but well, I would not be surprised or angry to find out he thought  that

Above I posted one of the “saved” shots, but I had to trash some of the pictures I have taken on november 2nd because it took me a few shots to start adapting to a totally new environment for me
(despite I didn’t have to cross an ocean and half Europe to find it)

Maybe we are just a couple of mediocre pseudo-photographers but, beyond the laugh:
I guess all this can be seen as an interesting “proof” of the fact that it’s not the camera that do most of the job.
if your ego can stand it
It’s true, you are free to choose how to tell reality through photography, but till the point reality allows it.

You can’t find sun in fog dense enough to hide what is few meters away from you.

Yet, you can choose to be extremely free and choose to give up your plans and adapt to reality.
So far it always lead me to discover amazing slice of Beauty.

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When Sicily bores to death

October 17, 2014

Well, not exactly but I laughed at myself while taking this picture
I was in Castel Mola on the stairs that lead to a castle ruins,
then I saw something that trigger silly mood

I started jumping around repeating: “Postcard! Postcard!”

Took a postcard-like picture

Boring Sicily (Ironically) - 7th October 2014


Loudly laughing

Then I walked away saying

“Well, I just gained my room in the hell for photographers”

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Can a picture be really enough?

September 12, 2014

As I already told you (and probably keep telling facts about this “event”) two of my friends visited Sicily last month.

During their visit, or better, while they were not interacting with me, I tried to understand how much they were pleased and amazed by the view they were seeing.
“Stunning” and similar adjectives is what they said most. It made me happy.
I was even happier when both, spontaneously, were planning to come back.
Maybe they won’t have time or money in the next future but their intention was sincere: they wanted to see more of Sicily.
That is good.

I often end up thinking about their visit. That’s me, if something of unusual happen I tend to analyse it even for months, it’s like my brain wants to learn as much as possible from that unusual event.

In the last hours,
I have found myself thinking about how much a photograph can replace an actual visit.
Probably this question had been triggered by reading what some of those who share pictures saying: “you don’t need to visit place x, just look at this picture”.
Or maybe it is a question triggered by reading the lines shared by people who cannot travel and say “at least I can see it from pictures”.

Looking for an answer,
I tried to recall all the moments I have been observing my friends observing those things they might have seen in my pictures.
Would they think “To see your land your pictures are enough”?
Even if pride might be pleased by such a sentence, I really hope NO!
When possible (especially if we speak of safe activities as visiting a part of Italy) probably direct experience should be always the best option.

There are many other reasons to learn step by step how to take better pictures.
I might be wrong, but I doubt that is an healthy idea to consider the desire to overcome direct experience as my “engine” to improve.

- August 2014

In the picture you can see “Faraglioni” and “Isola Lachea”. It is a place of a town very close to Catania. I made both my friends visit this part of Sicily but it turned to be new to me too. Since I generally went in this town in mid morning or way after sunset hour, I have never realised how cool sunset could be there (even if it is on Sicily east coast)

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Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2013

Christmas 2013

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Sssh! I know it’s a “lie”

October 12, 2013

Simeto River, Forre laviche - 29th September 2013

Well… almost a lie.

An HDR picture (or at least, what I tried to get).

For some funny reasons the lava stones in this set of pictures look blue

They weren’t blue!

We (me and the webmaster) have a theory about why I got blue stones as final result but we are not sure about it.
I’m trying to seriously figure out what happened. Who knows, I  might become able to intentionally reproduce this effect in other situation.
At the end, whatever I learn about taking pictures, so far, is the result of experiment and accidental “discoveries”.

Sure, I could have managed to avoid the blue and let stones to their (more or less) original grey… as well as to avoid the golden-yellow of lower stones… but I loved too much the effect!

Seems like a place where to set a fantasy story…or probably I’m reading too much fantasy stuff that I see such places everywhere.

I don’t know.

I just hope you can enjoy the image as well


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A webmaster

September 29, 2013

who is the boyfriend of a pseudo-photographer

must be able to take pictures too

The webmaster of this site, can!

Me, seen from the webmaster - 29th September 2013

In this picture he perfectly shows what kind of silly things I can do in order to (try to) take a picture


Now i wonder if I have to worry he wants to become a photographer too!

Today we have spent the whole day taking pictures.
A lovely adventure before getting completely back to our daily routine.

*Of course, part of the effect is due to perspective. Please if you ever want to take pictures in similar situation think well about what you are doing, never push yourself beyond body limits (it’s easy to get dizzy for a second).
For example in this picture I was flat lying on rock which inclination was toward the outside of the little canyon. This means that gravity was pushing me away from danger.
Taking pictures is amazing, but try to not waste life, especially in similar situation where you have all the time to think well about what kind of picture you want to take.

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September 3, 2013

NY Encounter 2013: Closing night

It’s something I always lack of and always look for

Especially in periods like this, when I have to postpone everything for the nth time.
I feel like someone who is trying to run away from something and falls down on floor, gets up and rushes steps to overcome delay, failing.

In this process I end up hating even my pictures.

No, i don’t hate how they look like, I hate having taken those because, I tell myself, “If I hadn’t wasted time with photography…”

but, then again, only thing that calms me down is taking picture or working on older pictures.

To go ahead I need, as everyone else, the serenity that only who and what we love can give

I am slow, I need my time but at least, I can still see Beauty shining… or I know what to look at to remind myself that, despite all, there is Beauty.

Why the above picture of a musician during the Closing Night of the NY Encounter 2013?

Because it always made me thought of the calm and elegant joy that you can find at doing what you most love doing.

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Vendicari August 2013: gambecchio (Little Stint)

September 2, 2013

Vendicari August 2013: Pettegola (Redshank)or Calidris minuta.

Not super sure about the name.
I’m getting crazy at trying to understand the names of the birds I have seen in Vendicari.
Anyway, it’s a funny thing to do…actually it’s also a very useful activity because this way I am discovering amazing shots by other people that are giving me hints for improving.

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Good ideas

August 18, 2013

The following pictures have been helpful (for me) to keep in mind that

Spider (Hogna radiata?) - August 2013

– it’s always a good idea to wear shoes (closed shoes) at country house. Not that this spider is dangerous (at least if it’s really a Hogna radiata) but a bite of its is no fun, at all.

– it’s always a good idea to keep taking pictures (for me)…not that I’m sure I’ll do something important with this activity, but otherwise I’d be still running away yelling like a silly girl.
I mean, I tend to run away from any spider-bee-wasp if I don’t have a camera with me.
Apparently camera turns off most of my fears… not completely but that bit to get close enough to take a picture of this creature (not dangerous but annoying for me)

of course, while taking pictures and editing those,I kept saying “I don’t like spider. Where is the beauty in those creatures?”.
Poor spiders.

Yeah, taking picture might be a way to see,  or at least “feel” and remember, that there is more beauty that I can see.

Good thing: I hadn’t my camera with me when a little swarm of bees (or those were wasps?) almost attacked us while we were having lunch outside.
They hadn’t intention to go on us, fortunately, but you never know.
Better run away.

Oh well, I guess I can say it has been a peaceful adventurous day at my country house for me, family and the webmaster

I’ll keep wearing shoes… heavy shoes
(till I’ll own shoes)

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Venice Jan2013 and the much left to do

May 29, 2013

Venice Jan 2013 - HDR

Yesterday I took a day off from books and everything I have to do to complete the “getting that kind of BA in physics” task.

After sleeping, enjoying some chat with friends (unfortunately just online), I surfed through my pictures folders…
That’s how I (re-)realized that there is a lot of work as pseudo-photographer left…and this surprised me.
I am not speaking of the learning and improving work (this will never end)… but just the mere act of selecting, editing and showing pictures taken in January!

Well… step by step I’ll go ahead in this too.

Meanwhile I have to get back to my odi-et-amo physics-related duties.

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