It’s a folly

February 18, 2016

They are all right.
It’s crazy.
It’s stupid.
Yet I find intriguing that they ignore the really freaking shade:
all the pro-reasons I can think of, can be cons-reasons as well.
This is what can lead to real folly.

Looks like it’s again one of those “moments” when I can only hang on what, so far, never vanished.

Tiny pale memorandum - Etna January 2016

No, sorry.
It’s not the most beautiful volcano in the universe.
This is just a tiny and pale memorandum.

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(Sweet) goodbye Vermont

November 25, 2015


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It’s hard to tell but not impossible

November 11, 2015

Sunset on little lake, kayaking - 11th November 2015

There are things I am discovering during these weeks that I do not know how to tell and are almost impossible to collect in a photograph.

Yet the beauty of a sunset can help to focus what matters

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Last from trip up on mt Etna

March 23, 2015

NKT_0196-8tmSITE - 14th March 2015

The little sunset show on Mt Etna (at around 1700 meters above sea level) of 14th March 2015.

It’s an HDR picture. I have to say it, even if I generally try not to oversaturate or push too much the effect.
Probably in this specific case it’s more a HDR-test picture since I have never taken pictures in similar situations before that day.

Why trying HDR on snow at sunset?
My goal is to get as close as possible to what I saw and sometimes,
especially when there is a huge difference of darks and lights,
eyes can see more than what can be recorded in a single shot.
At least, that’s what I experienced so far.

Am I saying that what I saw looked exactly that way?

No, especially some snow areas are not, I think I can guess what caused this anomaly, will try to fix another day.
Yet, for this frame or reality an HDR seemed to tell in a better way the Beauty I saw
At the end, I am not taking pictures to report a crime but to remember the wonder of that moment.

Why last shot?
I have too much to do to publish so I will keep editing in random moments while trying to achieve other life goals.
Yes,  during the little free time I have in the coming weeks/month I prefer taking new pictures or complete a picture editing work for a friend instead of posting most of the “old” ones.

Max 2-3 shots per trip goes online the rest can wait to be shared.

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Visual cocktail

January 17, 2015

Etna, clouds, sunset.

Visual Cocktail - 16th Jan 2015

Shake well and…


I did.

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The giant pink cupcake

January 3, 2015

Ok maybe that’s silly. Not maybe. It is.
In the last 3 days we tried (me and The Webmaster) to catch “giant pink cupcake” version of mt. Etna
Day 1. I was a little late and there was a giant cloud on the west that stole the sunset light to mt Etna
Day 2. I was not that late but Mt Etna smoke was thrown westward by wind, and well, see Day 1 situation.
Day 3. I was in time, there were no clouds but a lot of snow was already melted so not exactly the pink cupcake effect I was looking for

Etna at sunset - 3rd January 2014

Yet I guess I can be content

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The wrong way

October 30, 2014

along the wrong way - 26th October 2014

We were late and trying to leave the wood before it was totally dark

I took this picture but few minutes later we realised that we had been walking for 5-10 minutes along on the wrong path

Panic! Fear last for second but really, it had been an unpleasant feeling so confused about which is the path to get back to our cars, i knew direction but I couldn’t find the path

Ok, I was not alone, but walking in a wood when sun is gone is not a pleasant experience, it was getting a little too cold as well

Anyway, soon later we found the way back to our car and all was fine

Choosing the wrong path wasn’t a totally bad decision,
I mean, it’s thanks to the wrong decision that I found myself in the spot from where I took the above picture

but well, maybe next time giving up a picture chance and taking a wiser decision about “which is the path to follow” might be a nicer thing to do


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Or maybe…

October 25, 2014

A day had been super light

the following super dark

A thought,
like a yelling angry voice,
crossed my mind:
“see? this it the proof you are fooled,
first amazing moments
and then drama,
more than one drama,
all in a day,
dramas bigger than you
one of those will destroy you
You are being fooled and you are fooling yourself”

Then I saw the last picture I shared with friends

Sunset from Rifugio Citelli - 18th October 2014

and a thought,
like a whispering calm voice,
crossed my mind:
“Or maybe it proves exactly the opposite
you are just being invited to never forget about light”

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Can a picture be really enough?

September 12, 2014

As I already told you (and probably keep telling facts about this “event”) two of my friends visited Sicily last month.

During their visit, or better, while they were not interacting with me, I tried to understand how much they were pleased and amazed by the view they were seeing.
“Stunning” and similar adjectives is what they said most. It made me happy.
I was even happier when both, spontaneously, were planning to come back.
Maybe they won’t have time or money in the next future but their intention was sincere: they wanted to see more of Sicily.
That is good.

I often end up thinking about their visit. That’s me, if something of unusual happen I tend to analyse it even for months, it’s like my brain wants to learn as much as possible from that unusual event.

In the last hours,
I have found myself thinking about how much a photograph can replace an actual visit.
Probably this question had been triggered by reading what some of those who share pictures saying: “you don’t need to visit place x, just look at this picture”.
Or maybe it is a question triggered by reading the lines shared by people who cannot travel and say “at least I can see it from pictures”.

Looking for an answer,
I tried to recall all the moments I have been observing my friends observing those things they might have seen in my pictures.
Would they think “To see your land your pictures are enough”?
Even if pride might be pleased by such a sentence, I really hope NO!
When possible (especially if we speak of safe activities as visiting a part of Italy) probably direct experience should be always the best option.

There are many other reasons to learn step by step how to take better pictures.
I might be wrong, but I doubt that is an healthy idea to consider the desire to overcome direct experience as my “engine” to improve.

- August 2014

In the picture you can see “Faraglioni” and “Isola Lachea”. It is a place of a town very close to Catania. I made both my friends visit this part of Sicily but it turned to be new to me too. Since I generally went in this town in mid morning or way after sunset hour, I have never realised how cool sunset could be there (even if it is on Sicily east coast)

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A place where…

July 16, 2014

Castelmola (ME) - 16th July 2014

entertainment features are not necessary.

That’s Sicily,


You just have to choose a nice spot and contemplate Beauty shining at its best.

You can do it with friends and family or you can just sit alone and enjoy the show.

Or you need a broken laptop and closest place where you can have it fixed is 50km away from your hometown 🙂

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Training eyes: the trivial mysterious beauty of sunsets

February 9, 2014

Outside, after several days of rain and clouds it was sunny.

Sun. Sicilians do know it and as most Italians, they tend to get a little depressed when moving elsewhere where sun is often hiding behind clouds.

I found myself no longer trying to figure out the proof of the theorem I was studying.
I  ended up thinking about sun and clouds.
I ended up thinking about what I said yesterday to the webmaster.

I had put books aways and started to surf through the post tagged with the word “sunset” in my blog.
I can no longer ignore these thoughts
Thoughts about sunset crossed my mind too often during these days to ignore them.

Curious, 4 years ago I had accidentally discovered a passage from a book I have been thinking about recently.

Oh, little prince! Bit by bit I came to understand the secretes of your sad little life…
For a long time you had found your only entertainment in the quiet pleasure of looking at sunset.
I learned that new detail on the morning of the fourth day, when you said to me:
“I am very fond of sunsets. Come, let us go look at a sunset now.”
“But we must wait” I said
“Wait? For what?”
“For the sunset. We must wait until it is time”

– Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

It is surprising how in that post there is the sprout of what I happened to think about in the last hours.

“I am very fond of sunset”.

Yes, most of my favorite pictures tell about a sunset.

A sunset seen from Catania, a sunset seen from mt.Etna, the sunset light reflected by snow on mt. Etna, the sunset in NYC or Venice, a sunset and the silhouettes of people I love or the silhouettes of strangers, and counting…

“Let us go, look at sunset now”.

Yes, I often sneak out for pictures taking at sunset time.

How many times I said to the webmaster or to a family member to go out to take pictures “at sunset time”?

And a few days ago a thought crossed my mind: “What’s more trivial than a sunset?”



It happens, you look at it or not.

It happens, you are living or not

It happens everywhere there is a planet rotating around its axis and a star is nearby

Yet, it is often one of the most captivating moments of the day


I don’t know.

Maybe because it feels like sun is throwing a last cry of beauty, like a farewell from the day, before sinking

A cry that is there, listened only by those who want to listen.

“but we must wait”… “for the sunset. We must wait until it is time”

Etna illuminated by sunset light - 7th February 2014

Assuming I can speak of a skill with taking picture, I owe part of it to sunsets.

Yes, I can define sunset as one of the trivial mysterious beauties that let me training  my eyes for Beauty

Pushed by the desire to take pictures “using” sunset light I learned that sunset-moment starts hours earlier.

I learned to look for a specific kind of clouds.

I learned to observe clouds evolution.

I learned to look for a spot to observe this lights dance.

I learned that I have to wait for the “magic” moment…no math can tell exactly when it’s the moment to take a picture
I just have to observe.


I learned that despite it is important to figure out what is going to happen,
everything can change at the every last moment.

Yes, it is probably one of the most boring events one can be witness of.


You might not know exact second, but it is pretty easy to guess a sunset is going to happen.

Yet, it has the power to put people in silent amazement.

Assuming that one lives more than 100 years and look at a sunset every day, he will never be able to see much more than 36500 sunsets… and I am pretty sure even this long living creature, will never be able to see all possible sunsets, because, even from the same spot, the same sunset can speak differently.

Sunset moment speaks of Infinite.

And now, I am thinking about what a friend said about 9 years ago. He is the first person who spent his time looking at my pictures and who gave me advices to improve. He once said: “Find something to make unique your picture of a sunset, because everyone is able to take pictures of a sunset”.

I answered back that a picture is unique by definition.

Now I understand a bit better what he meant but I still wonder: is there more than looking for a unique picture?

I think so.


Because even the most rational creatures, after listening to my “delirium” about sunsets starts looking at the sky waiting for a sunset and maybe, someday, sending me via phone a picture of a sunset he can see and I cannot

Sunset on Venice by The Webmaster - 6th February 2014

like a present to tell me Beauty is even there where he has to go.

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