Leolen the little monster

May 21, 2012

In the last days I have been a little busy setting up the brand new laptop.
A convertible tablet pc that can been defined as an expensive laptop even if it isn’t, of course, THE most expensive laptop you can buy.

I won’t waste your and my time talking about why I bought this, it’s just
– great
– useful for both fun and study

I have promised pictures to friends but I hadn’t much time to take pictures and post them the way I want.
I have also promised to another friend of mine, who since 2007 run a blog in Italian about this kind of products , to take some pictures,video and write down a review in Italian about this new precious “toy”.

I still have to complete taking pictures and figure out what I should write down to make a useful review… but… that’s my blog so just start telling how all the story started… but let’s do it tomorrow because it’s very late here in Italy and I have a bunch of things to do left for today.

Just look at the little monster on his first day on the swing on the balcony.

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You have made your bed…

April 27, 2012

…now you must lie in it.

According to wordreference this is the best translation of a typical Italian saying that states what follows
“Hai voluto la bicicletta, ora pedala”
[You wanted the bike, now pedal/ride it].

This saying came up to my mind quite often in the last 2 days because I have finally found the time to set back to work the swing on my balcony.

Setting it back to work meant to clean it after 5 months of zero activity… I live quite close to a street where most of the day there is a lot of traffic… I let you imagine the pitiful swing conditions…

Today it meant to check all the bolt and screws of the swing and tighten them when necessary…

And while using the tools you can see above I have been thinking about those men that, in similar situations, look at the women with a sly smile and say “You wanted Gender Equality… now enjoy it”.

It’s ALL fine, the swing is back to work and from today to the end of October I’m sure that I will “ride my bike” quite often 😉

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