Surprised by humility

November 1, 2015

ApplePicking - 15th October 2015

We went to this place for “apple picking”…beyond laughing at myself that I cross the ocean and one of my first activities is to go picking apples, I had the occasion to observe from close a reality that the previous trip in USA definitely couldn’t offer.

The best comment came from The Webmaster who was pleasantly surprised by the humility and kindness of the guy running this place.

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The baby plumes dance

September 15, 2015

Baby plumes dance - 15th September 2015

In august me and The Webmaster, with the help of my father and The Webmaster’s bro, tried to reproduce the experiment I’m going to talk about in my final essay.
Then the experiment set-up stopped working and in these days I’m trying to create an alternative set up, not a real need for I am seeking more vortex on soap bubbles for a mere personal desire. It’s not still properly working and it might be a little frustrating but yesterday, thanks to a not properly working set-up I could look for a long time at a middle stage of what can be seen with a properly working set-up. That’s the way I discovered how captivating can be the “baby plumes dance”.

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Seagull in Venice – Venice June2015

July 15, 2015

Venice Seagull - 26th June 2015

Yesterday was the turn of a baby seagull living on Lachea Island

Seemed logical to post the picture of an older seagull acting like a king in Venice.

Seagulls in Venice seem way more used to human presence, I can not say you can almost shake hands…well, hand-wing… with them, but close.

Few minutes after I took this picture I ate my lunch sitting under one of those arches you can see in the background.
Apparently The Webmaster has some appeal to seagulls, one of them thought well to come jumping around at about only 50 centimetres away from The Webmaster.

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Venice June 2015

July 4, 2015

Venice - 27june2015

Some random post will appear following, randomly

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The shadows tradition

July 2, 2015

Venice trip June 2015 - 28th June 2015

Somewhere in this blog I explained that around January 2013 (period of NYC-NYE trip) I started taking pictures of my+TheWebmaster’s+(relatives’s/friends’s) shadows projected on the ground of the place we are visiting.

There was no reason to not keep the tradition going ahead , therefore last Sunday, at the end of our second trip to Venice me and the webmaster decided to use the nice late afternoon light.

P.S. Tomorrow will be 100 months together. Oops! 🙂

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It’s a nice day to bloom :)

May 12, 2015


Probably it’s a common condition.
Living through the different tasks, planning for future and yet part of mind is elaborating information.

These months are going, probably, of some big change.
Yet I find myself lost in thinking about electromagnetic waves, love, eternity and so.

Today I exposed this raw thought to the Webmaster. I was sure he would have consider it the nth weirdness of mine, instead he liked it.
I guess I have to consider it as a blessing, a flavour of love.

The above orchid?
Oh well, it’s the nth orchid that had to last only 1 years instead this is the 8th year it’s blooming.
One of the sweetest present I received from The Webmaster.

It’s nice that the first flower decided to bloom around today.

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The giant pink cupcake

January 3, 2015

Ok maybe that’s silly. Not maybe. It is.
In the last 3 days we tried (me and The Webmaster) to catch “giant pink cupcake” version of mt. Etna
Day 1. I was a little late and there was a giant cloud on the west that stole the sunset light to mt Etna
Day 2. I was not that late but Mt Etna smoke was thrown westward by wind, and well, see Day 1 situation.
Day 3. I was in time, there were no clouds but a lot of snow was already melted so not exactly the pink cupcake effect I was looking for

Etna at sunset - 3rd January 2014

Yet I guess I can be content

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Seeking beauty of inclined “planes”

December 3, 2014

Or better, seeking another shade of beauty of inclined planes

Seeking beauty of inclined planes - 16th November 2014

Sorry I couldn’t help it

It is funny to use The Webmaster’s comment to this picture

because he, as every good scientist, can’t help but state the obvious in front of a picture.

This time he saw inclined planes and commented saying : “Oh inclined planes!”

I wonder if it’s scientist way to say “it’s so so picture” but they yet put genuine enthusiasm in say “a cat!” in front of a cat picture, so I am not sure

Anyway, definitely it was amazing  to “study” this game of non vertical lines while having lunch.
I loved how each plane told a different story related to different latitude and different Etna slices histories.

I can see something more ahead, like I might start taking a set of pictures that “explore the beauty”of inclined planes of nature

I know, no one needs those pictures, but as most of the pictures on this website, I take them for keeping my soul awake, and who knows, occasionally share beauty with internet passerby

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We sounded like a joke

November 19, 2014

A seminarist, a nuclear physicist and a (pseudo)photographer

visited Sicily in August 2014.

The seminarist is a friend from Tuscany, the nuclear physicist is The Webmaster, no need to tell who is the third character

A day, the three (yes, we) went to Agrigento, Sicily.
I won’t bother you with details but well, at the end of the Agrigento trip the three were reaching the car while chatting about, well whatever runs between random chat and theology…softly accusing the (pseudo)photographer to ask crazy questions

The pseudo-photographer at a certain point stopped,
turned around and took a picture

The other two wondered what was the reason,
one wondered if the pseudo-photographer had eyes in the back of her head

Mystery is still unsolved

Agrigento Valle dei Templi - 11th August 2014

Let’s now pretend I’m not missing summer time…

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October 11, 2014

Siracusa , Sicily - 29th July 2014

Taken late July 2014

That was probably the first time I was testing my ability to be the “plus 1” of the webmaster.
He had to do in Siracusa something that was realated to his job (he is a physicists) so I went with him… for obvious reason part of me will be always frustrated for I didn’t make to do the same job but…well, the “plus 1” can sneak out (or pull the genius away for a few hours) and enjoy beauty of the nearby places…and who knows, take pictures as well.

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Men, the eternal little boys

October 2, 2014

They love to act as they were knights  (ok this is, sometimes, a good thing)
they often want to prove they have a mighty body/mind and so on…

fortunately they are also able of endless cuteness
(or maybe it’s their secret weapon?
😎 )

I asked to The Webmaster to choose topic and picture for his 2015 calendar.
He said “I want something that speak about summer in SICILY while I am in the land of winter, so yes, something about the sea in summer time, definitely I want that picture of the fish and the sole fish”

After a few days I asked something else about the calendar and he, with an expression you imagine possible only on the face of a 5yo, kept saying: “I want that picture of the fish…”
Yeah… I understand you love that shot, but you also said you want more than one picture in the calendar…

Ok, now I try posting the “famous” picture of the fish and the sole

The fish and the sole - 2nd September 2014 (taken with Olympus TG3)

maybe it works to get extra information


Sorry to any eventual angry woman who ended up here,
I tease “my” man but hardly hate is a good answer, especially in this scenario

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