My name is Elisa.

After earning my BSc in Physics, I attended a two-years course in Photography and Visual Arts in Padua, Italy. While studying I worked on different projects that helped developing my skills in photography, visual design and social media. Soon after graduation, I followed an internship at Mion SpA too.

In the last years I have worked as a freelance photographer for different customers (e.g.Nord Est Fair, Salone da Favola, Re/Max City Home, etc…), and I keep on practicing to master my skills in photography and visual design.

I took part to some small projects that lead me to exploring the world of web-design, collaborated with 2D and 3D graphic designers, and developed an interest in NFT Art.

On March 2022 I’ve started my adventure in Real Estate Photography.

Recently I developed an interested in the digitisation of old documents, especially analog photographs.

Hopefully more is coming soon!

I am currently based in Italy.