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From the window

I remember well standing at that one window and just watching the flow of life

Dorothea Lange

I remember I used this quote for a sequence of 3 posts on Instagram about two years ago.

A year later these words got a new meaning for me, as for many of us.

In June 2020 I came back in Sicily unaware when I’ll ever get back to work. I moved to my great-aunt little apartment from which I can, at least, see a slice of Ionian sea, (re)discovering some amazing sunrise colors.

Sunrise July 2020

And a slice of Lady Etna

Lady Etna activity – February 2020

To then remember, after a few months the following lines, that could exactly describe the last 12 months

[…] At some point all but the most intrepid – even the most intrepid – photographers are tempted to retreat inside and contemplate the world from their windows.

If this suggest a return to first principles – one of the very first permanent photographs, a foggy heliographs made by J. NiĆ©pce in 1826, was of a View from the Window at Gras – there is an etymological inevitability about it.

The camera reverts to its origins, returns to the room into which light – and dark – enters.

Geoff Dyer, The ongoing moment

Far away thunderstorm seen from my bedroom window – October 2020